Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aroma Wellness Clinic - Spray Tan

Like many women out there I try to take pretty good care of my skin...esp as I get older.  That means a regular skincare regime - moisturizer, night creams, facials (should do this more often), staying out of the sun etc.

Because of these things (esp my obsessive SPF habit) I usually tend to remain pretty naturally pasty and pale throughout the year.  My pale complexion might not be the prettiest thing but guess what I figure years from now when I'm still looking young and wrinkle free it will all be that's what bronzer is for right? lol.

Anyway, a couple of wks ago I decided to pamper myself at one of my favourite (and very affordable) spas Aroma Wellness Clinic.  I had been going there off and on for a few years now for waxing and different spa treatments ever since I use to live in the Annex.  Overall, my experiences have always been pretty good (esp. for the price) so when I saw they had this Summer spa package deal I thought hey why not!

For the VERY low price of $99 I got to choose 4 different spa services from a list of services (btw this special is still going on for those that are interested).  Out of the list I opted for Facial, De-Stressing Massage, Brazillian Wax and Spray Tan.

I had never actually had a personalized spray tan before and I was a little nervous to be honest.  I'd done those booth ones years ago when they first came out w/ mixed results.  This one is actually done by a technician and I'd had clients and friends that had had it done before and really liked it (not at Aroma though).  I also had my friend's wedding coming up on the weekend and my dress was a very vibrant shade of pink and my skin definitely needed some colour to balance it all out.  The one thing I will note is I had to do the tan a day after the other spa treatments b/c you can't do the waxing and the tan on the same day so just keep this in mind when you book the appt.

So on the day of the tan appt. I followed all the rules listed on their website.  My technician's name was Siobhain (straight from Ireland - accent and all) and she's a really lovely person.  You can wear a disposable thong that they supply or you can go nude.  I actually opted for nude for two reasons: 1. I had a brazillian the day before and that girl saw my bits so why get shy now 2. I didn't want tan lines.   The whole spray tan thing only takes about 15 mins but I'd leave some extra time to stay in the room w/ the fan to dry the tan which will definitely help it from creasing, smudging on clothes or wearing off on anything.

I immediately loved the results!  Not orange at all and I had no creasing or weird tan marks around the hands or feet which was a prob w/ the spray tan booths.  I can't even tell you how many compliments I got on on the tan too!  Literally all my friends and even my makeup assistant were commenting on how healthy and natural the colour looked.  No one even believed it was a spray tan b/c the results looked so natural!

In fact I loved it so much I even went back this week for another tan!  If you get another tan within 2 wks of the last one it's a reduced price ;)  Another great thing about Aroma is they have an online appt. scheduler so I made my appt. online and I could even request my technician and I thought since Siobhain was so great last time I might as well go w/ her again.  Still loving my results and I'm not going to lie I think this may become another regular thing I'm going to add to my beauty regime!

Also, just a side note it's Vegan, PETA approved, Paraben Free, Organic and Fragrance Free!

Here's a couple of other pics from my friend's looks so natural and for once my legs don't look pasty! Tans also make you look slimmer and help minimize cellulite, veins, fine lines and acne!

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