Monday, September 9, 2013

Nathalie - Sleek & Sophisticated

As the crazy, busy wedding season starts to calm down a bit (Did a record breaking 17 weddings in August!), I finally have a chance to relax and catch up on something...including blogging more ;).  This is the time of year that brides start to send me pics from their weddings this past Summer.  As anyone who follows this blog knows there is almost nothing that excites me more than getting pics from brides after their weddings!  Because of this I've decided for the next week (hopefully every day time permitting) to share w/ you some of the wedding pics I've gotten from several of my lovely brides!

I want to kick things off w/ my bride Nathalie who I worked w/ on July 6/13.  This was a VERY popular day for brides (you don't even know how many requests I had to turn away for this day)!  In fact Nathalie was my second wedding that day and the I had actually booked my first wedding that day a year in advance!

Nathalie is a gorgeous woman, seriously, model quality...and beyond nice too!  So when I met her at the trial several mths before the wedding I knew her wedding was going to be nothing less than amazing!  Nathalie wanted to do something sleek, sophisticated and polished and I'm IN LOVE w/ the hair and makeup look I was able to create for her that day.  She has gorgeous, thick, full long hair that worked so beautifully in the clean and beautiful bun.  I so rarely get to do looks like that so it was super exciting for me esp. since Nathalie has such awesome hair.  For her makeup look we decided to go w/ a very clean eye w/ a very soft wing and punch things up w/ a nice bold lip that really makes a statement and in  my opinion totally completed the glam and sophisticated look she was after.

Thank you so much Nathalie and Silverlight Photography for sharing these pics w/ me.  And also thank you Jen for helping me out that were amazing as usual ;)

So clean and beautiful...not going to lie sometimes I even impress myself ;)

Jen and I hard at work!

Finishing touches on the lip!

What a beautiful group!

This actually made me laugh as I've never gotten a pic of my "notes"...after a trial I always write notes on the bride to bring on the anyone but me these probably make no sense and look like some kind of code speak

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Nathalie Lawrence said...

Thanks Jessica! I'm so glad that I had an afternoon wedding because I don't even want to think of what would have happened if you had already been booked. You gave me exactly the look I had envisioned and I got compliments all night long. I will try to get myself invited to something fancy so I can get you to do my hair and makeup again :)