Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Wedding With One Of My Fav Families!

The sad thing about weddings (at least as far as my job goes) is that after I'm done my wedding services it's not often that I get to work w/ or see the bride again (well at least as far as weddings for them I hope lol). Sometimes this can be kind of sad when you really hit it off w/ a bride or family to think that's it...sometimes it's a blessing and you're happy to get your butt out of there lol (luckily for me the latter rarely happens lol).

Last year you may remember I wrote a post and shared some pictures w/ one of my fav. bridal families EVER - Elissa and Co.  On Elissa's wedding day the family actually hired me for her sister Laura's wedding for the following year which hadn't even been announced yet to the rest of the family.  I, of course was more than happy to get the chance to work w/ the family again!  And let me tell you it's so good that they asked and confirmed w/ me that day b/c Laura's wedding day - July 6th probably proved to be my most requested date this past year (I had two weddings and I also had my staff booked on a couple additional weddings too)!  Literally if they had even waited a mth I wouldn't have been available.  It was also the day I got to work w/ another one of my fav brides from this past season - Nathalie.  So I guess you can say July 6th was a great day for wedding bookings all around!

Having worked w/ the family before made the trial and wedding day process a breeze.  We both knew what to expect from one another and how to prepare for the day.  Elissa actually wanted something similar to her wedding day look and it was a great chance for her to use her extensions that I had made for her the previous year.

Laura - the bride this year definitely does not need extensions!  In fact her hair is literally the type of hair any stylist dreams about working with!  It's so thick and full AND it holds shape and has great body!  It's hair model hair and if every client had hair like that I can't even imagine how easy my job would be lol!

It was a sad moment at the end of the appt. when we realized Pina (the mom) doesn't have any other daughters to marry off lol!  But don't worry I was assured I'd be called back for other weddings they are attending, christenings or special events...and they are Italian so I'm sure there'll be a lot of those ;)

I really hope so b/c seriously this family is just so awesome to work w/ and Pina is a riot!  This woman never ceases to amaze me w/ some of the things that come out of her mouth - whether it's asking about Kleen Air the "Dancing Shoes" store I have across from  my apt. (it's a stripper shoe store btw lol) to asking me to feel her butt w/ her butt enhancing pads for under her dress lol!

Here's some pics from Laura's beautiful wedding day.  Photos are courtesy of Tobin Grimshaw who was also the photographer for Elissa's wedding as well!

Laura - the bride 

Pina - What a character!

Elissa - last year's bride...her extensions are still looking fabulous!

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