Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last Minute Weddings

It's that time of year again where I start to see all the fruits of my labour in the form of pictures from my brides from the Summer's busy busy wedding season!  As I've mentioned on numerous occasions I LOVE getting back pics from my brides and seeing how everything turned out on that wonderful day!

Now most of the time I'm booked mths before the actually wedding day...typically 6-8 mths before but sometimes I do get last minute calls from frantic brides (or even their moms) looking for an artist to help them out on their big day.

 A lot of times unfortunately, I'm already booked and can't take these bookings but sometimes whether due to timing of another wedding or just a fluke chance I'm free I love to help these brides out.  What's crazy is sometimes I don't even have a chance to have a trial w/ the bride b/c it's so last minute (like 2-3 days before).

Of course I always highly suggest a trial not only for the bride but also for me.  It just creates a much more relaxed and stress free day on the wedding when everything has already been planned and worked out beforehand.  Plus it's a great way for both the bride and I to make sure we're a "good match" and it allows us to make any adjustments or changes necessary before the big day.

 Nevertheless I'm a pro and in fact sometimes these last minute bookings have turned out to be some of my fav wedding pics from brides!  I thought I'd take this time to share w/ you a couple of last minute bookings from this past wedding season!

Literally was booked just days before her shoot and wedding.  What was interesting here was they opted to do their pics in High Park before the actually wedding day...but they liked what I did so much they actually hired me again for 2 days later to do her hair and makeup for her actual wedding ceremony!  I absolutely loved Maria's dress and veil (not pictured).  She's absolutely gorgeous...and had some of the best hair ever plus she's also so sweet!

Now talk about last minute bookings!  This bride had her makeup artist cancel on her just days before her wedding :S.  Her mother called me in a panic and I'm so happy I was able to help her out..and oddly enough this was also the day I did Maria's wedding...2 last minute bookings on the same day - what are the chances!  I only did the makeup for her (not hair...although I did help w/ the flower wreath).  I really love the pop of colour on the lip!  It goes so beautifully w/ the flowers! The pictures are courtesy of  the great team at Little Blue Lemon.  You can also see more beautiful pics of this bride here!

Maryam's wedding was slightly different from the other two b/c I did actually get to have a trial w/ Maryam before the wedding...but it was still last minute...I think she booked me about 2 wks before...the only reason I was even available was b/c it was a Fri. wedding.  Maryam had actually had a trial w/ another artist previous to me and did not like the results...I think she described the look as Persian Malibu Barbie :S (which was not the look she was going for lol)...and the foundation shade was all wrong apparently... Like Chyrssi I just did the makeup for this wedding not the hair.  I also got the chance to work w/ her wonderful (and gorgeous) family!  I'm really happy w/ the way it all turned out and I love the blending of cultures in terms of her wedding dress!  Photos courtesy of Gary Vassilikos.

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