Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Luscious Long Lashes - Velour Lashes

I LOVE long, thick gorgeous lashes!  Whether I'm trying to achieve them w/ the latest serums, mascaras or falsies I'm always on the look out for the next great lash product.  I'm also a big believer in false lashes for night's out, special occasions, wedding or even day to day wear (depending on the style of course).

When Velour Lashes - an awesome company started by two best friends and actually based out of Toronto reached out to me to try their 100% cruelty free mink lashes I of course jumped at the opportunity!  Now I will admit I'm WAY overdue in writing this review as they actually sent me the lashes awhile ago but on a positive note I can attest to the products durability and longevity!  I have used these lashes MULTIPLE times and they still look and feel AMAZING!  Also, I can say w/out a doubt these are these easiest lashes to apply that I've ever used and I've applied A LOT of lashes on myself!  I don't know what it is about them but they fall on to the lash line so perfectly and easily...which is great for the average person b/c lets be real most ppl probably don't have the lash applying experience I have lol!

The lashes themselves are very lightweight, soft and hypo-allergenic.  The mink hair is retrieved through the natural shedding process and therefore is cruelty free and is free from any chemical processing or dye.  Now I will admit b/c they are mink and of high quality and packaging they are definitely not the cheapest lashes out there but they are a great quality and when you break down the cost/wear ratio they are actually quite affordable b/c they are reusable for up to 25 times!

As a makeup artist if you're trying to market yourself to a higher price point client or offer additional higher end add-ons to your services Velour Lashes is definitely an option as they do also offer a Pro Program!

Velour sent me two pairs of lashes to try out - Lash in the City and Doll Me Up .  These are both dramatic night time lashes in my opinion and would look a little crazy or over the top during the day.  Definitely not for the shy or demure...luckily for Velour I'm neither shy nor demure when it comes to rocking a false lash.  But that being said I have to be real and say the vast majority of my clients would definitely not feel comfortable wearing these lashes even on a night out b/c they are super dramatic and big...and I tend to work w/ very "natural" clients.  Also I wouldn't really recommend these lashes if you have small eyes b/c I think it would just overwhelm them and be "too much".  Just something to keep in mind...you don't want to scare off potential false lash lovers w/ something to different, dramatic or crazy then what they are use to the first time.

For a more natural look I'm definitely liking the look of Whispie Me Away or Are Those Real?  Personally, I think these styles would be much more wearable for the average false lash wearer or someone looking to experiment or try out false lashes for the first time.

Velour lashes are also getting very popular among celebrities right now and are showing up regularly on the eyes of the most famous starlets for lots of red carpet events and affairs...another great selling point for those clients that want what all the celebs want ;)

 Doll Me Up & Lash in the City - LOVE the packaging!

As you can see they are pretty long and dramatic!

I'm wearing Doll Me Up

As you can see in the extreme close up they look pretty dramatic but a little further away they don't necessarily look "natural" but definitely glam appropriate!

Lash in the City

Like the other style from a bit of a distance it adds drama but I think it completes the glam smokey eye night time look.

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