Friday, November 15, 2013

Never Stop Learning!

As artists I think it's really important that we constantly learn and improve our skills through testing, workshops, research etc.  All too often we can get busy or complacent and comfortable in our skills and forget that trends, products, styles and skills all evolve and it's important to keep up to date on all the latest advancements and improvements.

No one ever said being a makeup artist was going to be easy or fact it's a really expensive career to take up b/c as a working artist you are constantly having to not only replenish your kit and products but also improve your skills and offer new services.

That's why when I found out while I was at IMATS last weekend that Blur Makeup Room was having a tattoo coverage workshop by Thomas E. Surprenant I knew although it maybe wasn't the best time financially to take a workshop (I did after all drop a little over $600 at IMATS eeek!..and I'm getting into my slower period for work EEEKKK!) it was well worth the investment.  And in all honesty that how WE as ARTISTS need to start looking at these things...they are investments into our careers and skills!  Investments that will pay off when we can start offering different services and charging more therefore making more money!

All the time I hear artists whine and complain about not getting ahead and not having money for this or that...guess what - suck it up!  If you want something bad enough and you think it's important enough you'll make that extra money for that workshop or save that extra money for that new product.  I know it hurts a bit b/c it feels like it's a lot of money upfront...and it is but it's so important to keep improving our skills as artists!  I can't stress that enough!  Okay enough of my mini rant ;) let's get to the actual workshop!

So I'll be real.  I took SFX in school but it's never really been my thing as my career focus isn't on movies or film and I'm just not called upon to do much guts and gore lol.  But a tattoo coverage workshop now that's the kind of sfx stuff I can use in my business!  Esp. for commercial or fashion work when you might need to cover up an actor or model's tattoo and it's becoming very popular in bridal too (and it's a great upsell opportunity)!

As someone who has been asked by brides in the past if I do tattoo coverage and I've always shrieked away at the possibility as I've never felt really comfortable in my skills I knew this was definitely an area I could use improvement on and also an area I could immediately see marketing and money making opportunities for my business!

So this week I got to take a very intimate and hands on workshop w/ Thomas E. Surprenant who has to be one of the nicest and down to earth artists around...and so talented!  I mean just look at his resume and body of work and you have to be impressed...hello Emmy winner anyone!  First he showed his tips and techniques for covering tattoos using his very own line of sfx prosthetic paints (available at Blur Makeup Room).  He showed how they can be used both by hand and in the airbrush gun and explained some colour theory and how it applies to the skin and it's colouring.

After watching him work away and cover a VERY large arm tattoo to perfection I got to test out my skills with him there to guide and watch while giving me some hands on tips and tricks.  I'll be honest...I usually SUCK at things when I first attempt worst in the class awful suck so I'm always nervous when pros are watching me but Thom is so friendly and nice that I felt a lot more comfortable and at ease and he's a really great teacher!  I did one wrist tattoo first w/ Thom stepping in to help me every now and again. After that there was time for me to even go after a second wrist tattoo on the other arm and I can definitely say I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself!

There is another Tattoo Coverage Workshop happening at Blur this Sunday Nov 17 from 2-6 and I definitely think it's worth the money!  If you can't make it out this time definitely stay in the loop w/ Blur to find out when they're having Thom back in the future for other workshops!

Here's some pics from the workshop!

 Thomas showing us how it's done!

Me working away!  My first attempt on the first tattoo!

Pretty good results I'd say!  Forgot to take a before but on the left arm there is a heart tattoo that's been covered...same tattoo as the right arm in the can see where I could have kept going w/ the coverage up further on the other tattoos on the left arm in the pic.

Thomas even showed us how to do veins on the arm using airbrush for an even more realistic finish...the skin has so many different tones and variations throughout it's important to not make it too perfect looking!  I def. still need to practice on the veins lol!

 Me working away on the second tattoo all by myself!

Thanks Blur for hosting such an awesome workshop and thanks Kory for having so many great tattoos to work on ;)

Also here's a couple of pics I took at IMATS last Saturday of Thomas at work flexing his SFX muscles and his model friend Josh flexing his real muscles ;)

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