Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Special Day for a Special Friend

It's not often one of my oldest and dearest friends gets married...so of course when my friend Penelope got married last Aug. I was beyond excited...not just that day but literally mths leading up to the day.  She was actually the first of my "Toronto friends" to get married so of course it was kind of a big deal lol!

Plus Penelope is a gorgeous girl and she took my advice and hired an amazing photographer - Zach Hertzman so I knew I was pretty much guaranteed some awesome wedding pics for my blog and site!  I actually first showed you guys some pics of Penelope's engagement shoot a couple of mths ago...those pics were stunning!

So the wedding took place back in late August.  My busiest wedding month to date w/ a grand total of 17 wedding books in that month alone!  I'm not going to lie...I was bit worn out by the end of that month.  In fact the crazy work schedule (2 weddings the day before & 1 other wedding the morning before Penny's that afternoon) + the "good times" had at Penny's wedding caused me to not only lose my voice but also get very sick w/ a hacking cough for at least a week after :(

But of course I'm a professional and I wasn't going to let a little tiredness affect my day or ability to give Penny my all!  I actually think there may have been times during my appt. w/ Penny that I was more nervous than her...and that says a lot b/c 1. I don't really get worked up or stressed on the job that much 2. Penny was a giant bag of nerves lol!  I just wanted to do such a good job for my friend so you know I felt an extra special amount of pressure that day!

Thankfully everything turned out beautifully and I couldn't be happier w/ the pics she sent!  I actually can't wait to see the rest b/c I'm still waiting for her to post them on Facebook!

For Penelope's makeup I actually did an airbrush foundation.  I don't always do airbrush and I promise great results no matter what type of foundation I use but I knew Penelope and she's a cryer lol...and airbrush makeup is sweat and water resistant so def. good for those "crying brides" lol.  Overall I kept the makeup clean and beautiful w/ a bronzed/rose cheek to accent her already naturally tanned Bajan skin (Barbados for ppl curious who Bajans are).  I did a brown w/ a touch of black smokey eye w/ a bit of a taupe shimmer and a peachy/brown nude lip.

Penelope's hair is where I really got to have some fun and try something new!  Penny really shocked me w/ what she wanted for her hair...not that it wasn't awesome it was just different than most of the pics my brides were sending me this year...always exciting for me!  She wanted an updo for sure but she wanted some that was elegant but not too perfect but also not messy curls...I'm so happy w/ the final result...I was stressing a bit on the day but it came together beautifully!  Plus I really do have to hand it to Zach on that one b/c so many photographers don't take great hair shots and he took a lot so thank you Zach very much!

Getting ready at the Trump Hotel in Toronto...gotta say I was impressed w/ the rooms!

Definitely not how I typically look after 2 weddings in one day...thank God I'm a makeup artist ;)

Love, Love, Love This Shot!

Such a great group shot of everyone...that NEVER happens!

Known these girls over13 years now...CRAZY...now I feel old lol!

Things you can tell from this picture...I'm exhausted...I don't normally EVER have bags like that under my eyes...Sophia and I are definitely having a "good time" lol!

More evidence of "good times" lol!

Such a great shot of the bride and I!  I got a spray tan before the wedding and I gotta say I LOVE it!  Definitely will start doing that again when it gets warmer.  Looks so natural!

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