Monday, January 6, 2014

Worth The Wait!

I've talked a lot on this blog about the importance of getting professional pictures from brides after their wedding day.  Sometimes after I finish a wedding I just know the pics are going to be gorgeous and I get super excited at the idea of putting these pics up on my site!  I knew this was going to be the case the minute I finished my trial w/ Sara back in the Spring.  She was a last minute booking and referral from another bride of mine last season Caitlin.  

For her makeup look she wanted something a little more intense then what a lot of my brides want (YEAH for me)...basically she wanted the look all my brides show me but don't actually want b/c in reality it's a bit too dramatic for them (which I totally get...gotta work within everyone's comfort level).  I did a bronzy brown smokey eye w/ black liner and a peachy/bronze cheek and peachy lip. Perfect look to accent her gorgeous natural, thick red hair which I styled into a gorgeous swept back updo!  

One thing everyone should know about me is I'm kind of obsessed w/ natural red hair and in fact I think I'm drawn to it.  My mother had red hair, lots of my family has red hair, my university roommate had red hair, one of my best friends has red you can see I've known a lot of redheads in my day I want a little girl w/ red hair lol!

So to continue on w/ how much I knew Sara was going to have awesome pics...she was getting married at one of my fav venues in the city - Berkeley Church!  I love the character and a bit of the warn down charm of the not a banquet hall lol!  Plus she had her dress custom made by a seamstress friend of her mother's I believe and it was simple in a lot of ways but in all honesty probably one of my fav dresses of last season b/c even though it was simple it was different than a lot of the dresses I see (probably b/c it was custom made lol).  I also love that she had the guts to pair it w/ a beautiful statement necklace...I love that look at yet I never seem to do it myself!

So even though it took some patient waiting on my end (not b/c of Sara but b/c of her photographer) it was all worth it in the end to get these beautiful pics! Okay seriously how do I even decide which pics to put up when they are all so beautiful...better than I was even hoping for!

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