Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wedding Day Makeup - To Airbrush or Not Airbrush...That is the Question!

A growing trend in wedding makeup the past couple of years has been airbrush makeup.  Brides hear about the celebs doing it, all the magazines writing about it, they see the at-home systems available at's no wonder everyone keeps asking is it really better than traditional foundation?

The truth unfortunately, is not so easy as a simple yes or no answer.

First let's discuss what exactly airbrush makeup is!

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin in a fine mist using an airbrush gun instead of being applied by hand with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. It is very popular in High Definition Film/TV work b/c it doesn't settle into fine lines or pores like traditional liquid or powder foundations can.  It's become popular among brides who want the look of a flawless face without the feeling of wearing heavy foundation or makeup.  Airbrush makeup has a long lasting finish, is water resistant and can last from 12-24 hours depending on the product.

So after hearing that it sounds like obviously airbrush makeup is better right?...Well not exactly...

Airbrush is no different than all makeup - it's all about the technique and the artist applying it. Getting airbrush makeup from a crappy, untrained artist isn't going to suddenly make your face look flawless just b/c it's airbrush makeup.  So remember just b/c an artist says they do airbrush makeup doesn't right away mean they are good or better than anyone else.  Make sure to look at their portfolio and see if you like what they have to offer.

Same goes for an artist that doesn't do airbrush makeup.  I know a ton of INSANELY talented and professional artists that don't do airbrush makeup...many of my idols in the editorial fashion world don't do airbrush makeup.  Is anyone going to suddenly tell them they are no good or not a professional just b/c they don't do airbrush makeup - OF COURSE NOT!!!

I know for a fact I promise great, long lasting results no matter what type of foundation I use - traditional or airbrush.  I've had brides w/ both styles of foundation tell me how long their makeup lasted and they barely needed to touch it up throughout the day.  If a professional has good techniques and good products they can make traditional makeup work just as well as airbrush makeup.

Now of course there are some reasons why I might suggest airbrush makeup to a bride over traditional foundation.  If they are a cryer or a sweater or have excessively oily skin of course I might want to put them at ease a bit more by suggesting airbrush since it's sweat and water resistant.

As well if I have a bride who has a lot of discoloration, acne scarring or current acne breakouts I again might suggest airbrush.  It's not that I can't cover up their problem areas w/ traditional foundation it's just that I sometimes find w/ issues like that when more product or layers might be necessary the client can sometimes feel like the makeup is "too heavy" especially if they aren't use to wearing makeup day to day.  Where as I find many of my clients that do opt. for airbrush foundation comment on how light it feels on their skin and how they can't even tell they are wearing it...and that's after a couple of layers.

But again w/ many traditional professional brand foundations out there able to match the results of airbrush it really is up to the client and the artist to discuss and decide what is ultimately best for them!  It's important to make an informed and researched opinion and not just hop on the next trend bandwagon b/c you heard it so and so magazine it was the best.

Below I've included a bunch of my brides from the past season w/ both Traditional and Airbrush foundation...see if you can tell who has might be surprised!  Just a side note the first photo is courtesy of Little Blue Lemon Photography...and it is Airbrush makeup...the rest you can find the answers at the end!

Photography courtesy of Zach Hertzan @ Times & Paper

Photography courtesy of Markus Staley

Photography courtesy of Eclipse Photography


Photography Courtesy of Lisa @ Lavish Light Photography

Photography courtesy of Silverlight Photography

Photography courtesy of Reem Eissa

Photography courtesy of Tobin Grimshaw

Photography courtesy of Boston Ave Photography


Photography courtesy of Shelley K


Photo courtesy of Stacey Wight



ANSWERS: Penny - Airbrush
                   Bianca - Traditional
                   Adriana - Airbrush
                   Maria - Airbrush
                   Kathleen - Traditional
                   Natalie - Traditional
                   Amira - Airbrush
                   Laura - Traditional
                   Lucy - Airbrush
                   Jaime - Airbrush
                   Nina - Traditional
                   Sara - Traditional
                   Shannon - Traditional
                   Olivia - Airbrush
                   Rachael - Traditional

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Unknown said...

Beautifully said Jessica.
I could not agree more, airbrush although is brilliant for some can be a total overkill for others. Although I include airbrush in all my makeup packages, I always discuss pros and cons before committing to it. (The complexity of fixing it for example) Plus I am an avid fan of traditional makeup application since it gives me more "hands on" experience, more control as well as the ability to manipulate the texture of the product better ;)