Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Of My Fav Bridal Updos Of 2013

Every year I have a mix of brides and hairstyles.  Some wanting to wear their hair down on their wedding day while others opting to wear it up.  I find award shows and movie premieres can be a big indicator as to what types of trends and hairstyles brides will be throwing my way as there are often a ton of gorgeous updos and hairstyles during red carpet season.

Of course it would be insane to not also give credit to Pinterest for having a HUGE impact on EVERY aspect of weddings!  A lot of artists have a love/hate relationship w/ Pinterest.  On one hand it's a great tool for brides to source and collect pictures to show the artist so we get a really good idea of what the bride wants - pictures speak a thousand words after all.  On the other hand it can be frustrating b/c it sometimes builds unrealistic expectations as to what their hair can do (not everyone is a blonde hair model in a photo shoot after all) as well it can be rather annoying to get many of the SAME pictures over and over again from brides thinking they are being so unique w/ their choice of style.

The trick of course are to take this pictures and ideas and like any good artist make them your own and make them work for the client and hair you have in front of you!  I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my fav updos I created this past season and to show not all updos are the same and even if you're given the same picture repeatedly you can make it your own and make it unique for that bride on her special day!

I love the tousled texture I was able to work into this updo!  I also loved that she opted to have it swept back w/ no part.
Photographer - Markus Staley

Another bride w/ a great understanding of her own personal styling!  I LOVED this headband so much and it was the perfect compliment to this updo.  Probably one of my fav. hair accessories all season actually.  
Photographer - Lavish & Light Photography

Gorgeous sophisticated, elegant bride...only makes sense she would have a gorgeous, sleek, elegant and sophisticated updo!  I loved the smoothness of this updo it just worked so well w/ her elegant dress and stature!
Photographer - Silverlight Photography

So much hair!  I loved the way this very full curled updo came together!  So many brides want this kind of fullness and it's impossible w/ extensions...Nina's is all natural!
Photographer - Shelley K

A classic beehive french twist.  Some classics never get old and this was perfect w/ her vintage style tea length dress and fascinator.
Photographer - Ryan @ Luminous Studios

I actually just shared w/ you recently some gorgeous pics from my friend Penelope's wedding...but she didn't send me this first hair pic originally...can you believe it!?!  It's an AWESOME picture!  I know Penelope's hair up close and personal and I have to say w/out sounded conceited I'm actually still impressed and how full and big I made her hair look b/c it's actually quite straight and a bit limp/fine to be honest.
Photographer - Zach @ Times & Paper

Ryanne has a great haircut and gorgeous blonde hair!  It holds curl awesome and is just the perfect length to create a tousled, curly updo!  I love the addition of the sparkly comb on the side to sort of fill out the hair and make the updo look bigger!  Brides don't always realize how much a hair comb or clip can really just complete the whole hairstyle!
Photographer - Emma McIntyre

Talk about a gorgeous couple!  Beautiful dress, Beautiful location...Beautiful Updo!  What most ppl are shocked to find out is that Rachael naturally has VERY fine, shoulder length hair...this full, gorgeous updo was created w/ the help of clip-in hair extensions.  Brides don's always realize that MANY of those celeb or pinterest hairstyles we love and see are created w/ fake hair!

Tammy tried both her hair down and up at the trial and she's one of the few brides where I'll say she could have gone either way!  She opted for up b/c she thought it suited the traditional Chinese tea ceremony dress better.

Sara & Caitlin
Sara had some of the most gorgeous red hair I've ever seen and I loved the romance of her curled, swept back updo.  But I also have to give credit to Caitlin who rocked an awesome braid inspired updo.  You can't see ton of detail here but there were actually two braids on either side that connected to create an awesome and elaborate looking bun on the side!

I don't normally include snapshots of pics I've taken on the wedding day b/c I prefer to only include professional photos but I love this Jennifer Lawrence inspired updo w/ it's texture, fishtail braid and detail so much!  I really wish she had sent me pics from her wedding day :(

Next I'll do a gallery w/ some of my Favourite down hairstyling from last year's wedding season!

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