Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals & Resolutions

Well we are about a wk into the New Year and it's already looking to be a promising and busy year!  I'm feeling very optimistic about this year after ending last year on what I thought was a productive high note!  So just before the New Year I wrote about how I felt I did tackling last years goals and resolutions...now I'll talk about the plan for this year!

2015 Goals & Resolutions

Drink More Water - I know this is a pretty simple one but literally if I don't make a real effort to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day it won't happen.  It's kind of a pain in the butt for me sometimes b/c I then have to go to the washroom ALL THE TIME...and I feel like I already have to go to the washroom a ton lol!  But it's good for my skin, bloating and overall health so yeah really gonna try on this one.

Get Back In Shape - I'm still looking okay but I've put on about 10 pds w/ my trip and the holidays...it's time to kick it into high gear and get back on track.  Lose that weight and fit back into all my new "skinny" clothes...that are currently a bit tight I'll be honest lol.  Got a gym membership as it's way too cold for me to run outside right now so definitely hope to put that into use..the key for me is really to work out in the morning before other things start "getting in the way"...I always make excuses if I wait until later in the day.

Run Another Half Marathon - So I got through my last half marathon last year...want to do another this year and do it in under 2 hours!  That's my goal!

Stop Cyber Stalking So Much - Yeah we all do it...but I'll admit sometimes I get a little obsessed.  I need to leave certain things in the past and worry about my future.  This isn't just to do w/ exes it's about a lot of different ppl from all times of my life.  I need to stop concerning myself w/ other people and just worry about me and doing my thing!

Make Lists - I think this will really help me be more productive day to day b/c sometimes I think I don't have much to do and I end up wasting time when if I thought about it there's actually a lot of different projects I could tackle.  I think having lists and checking off stuff will make me feel and be more productive day to day

Practice and Revive Some of My Skills - Sometimes when we are busy we tend to just get in the habit of doing the hair and makeup styles that we know work and we can do quickly and well.  I need to keep up on some trends and learn some more tips and techniques.  As an artist it's important to always keep learning and practicing and I feel I've let this one fall away a bit in the last year.

Keep Better Track of Finances and Spending - I made more money this year than last year...my sales were definitely up but for some reason I also think I spent a lot more money too.  I want to keep better track of that and see where my spending it going and maybe adjust things accordingly.  And to go along w/ that I want to save more this year.  I definitely did a pretty good job this past year and I'm glad I know have a financial planner and I'm saving a certain amount every mth but of course I can always do better!

Expand the Wedding Business - Already talked about this one before and it's pretty much a goal every year but I don't really have a prob with that.  Now that I've changed everything to Toronto Beauty Group I really want the business to grow w/ my staff and my outsourcing of bookings.   I can only do so much so the only way it's really going to grow is with the staff!

Do Creatives & Network More - This is one that I openly said I failed at last year.  I've definitely put the "fashion" side of my career on the back burner b/c let's be real it's not the area I make much money with but I'm feeling way out of the Toronto fashion scene loop and I love doing creatives so in the coming mths I really want to reach out to photographers and stylists again start producing some creative and inspiring work!

Travel More - Yes...this is another one of those that I put down every year but every year I want to travel more so why not!  I do really want to work on maybe taking a couple of short get away trips a long with a nice vacation.  I really want to make a point to go to NYC at some point this year.  And I have no idea where I want my next big trip to be!

Blog More - Again another one I failed at miserably but as I mentioned these past few mths have sort of revived me so I'm feeling inspired again and I think that will lead into me blogging more as I won't think of it as so much of a chore or annoyance.

Decorate & De-clutter my Apt - Okay overall my apt. doesn't have a lot of clutter b/c I hate clutter but I do have a couple of pieces of furniture I need to get rid of...plus about 5 bags of clothes just sitting there lol!  Also, I'll admit one of my weaknesses is home decoration.  I moved a lot growing up and so I never decorated much...I've been in my place for almost 4 years now...I should at least put a freaking picture on the wall!!

I think that's a pretty good start for now lol!  I'm sure knowing me I'll add more as I think about it and the year progresses!

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