Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gorgeous Couple, Gorgeous Day!

Back in August I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful bride named Lori.  I knew after the trial that I was definitely going to be hounding her for pictures after her wedding day!  And once I finally got the pics earlier this month I knew all my emailing was worth it!  Lori sent me the full gallery to look through which to me is always awesome b/c then I can pick and choose the pics I like most...brides don't always realize what I'm looking for in a picture or why I think a particular picture is good.

Let me just say there were SO MANY amazing pictures...seriously I'm going to show you a bunch in this post but I could have picked at least 10 more!  It's hard to pick even just a couple for my site! Well done Renaissance Studios Photography!  Lori mentioned possibly submitted the pics to some various places for publication and I really hope she does b/c they are gorgeous...of course the ones I'm going to show focus primarily on the makeup and hair but there were a ton of great pics!  It of course doesn't hurt that both Lori and her husband are super good looking lol!

For Lori's look we decided to do a gorgeous side updo w/ lots of curls and twirls for texture and it paired perfectly with her fascinator veil.  For the makeup Lori let me get a little bit dramatic on the eyes which I always enjoy.  I did a gold/bronze/brown smokey eye accented w/ a bit of black and full black liner (which is something she does every day anyway so she felt "naked" with out it).  Always important to ask brides if they have anything makeup wise they do every day...especially when it comes to eye liner!  Lori was super tanned so it paired beautifully w/ the more dramatic eye style and the airbrush foundation looked flawless on her.  All her bridesmaids were super pretty girls too making my day especially easy lol!

You know I love some good action shots ;)

Gorgeous Girls - Thanks Becca for your AWESOME hair work that day!

I kind of like when all the girls do the opposite of the bride for hair - Bride has updo/Girls where their hair done in various styles or vice versa

The Bride, Her Husband & Parents

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