Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fall Flashback - Wedding Creative

I just realized I never shared with you guys the pics I did from a wedding creative shoot I did back in the Fall with Lisa Mark Photography.  Don't know how I missed that one b/c the pictures are gorgeous and the location was seriously stunning!

I had known about Lisa's wedding work for awhile now and had even assisted a few weddings where she was the photographer so this past Summer when I realized we'd be working together on a wedding I was super excited.  From that wedding I took it upon myself to introduce myself and let her know if she had and wedding creative shoots in the future I'd be more than game to do makeup and/or hair.

So when Lisa contacted me saying she was planning a Fall Wedding Creative I was more than excited to be a part of it.  I actually only did the makeup for the shoot which was actually a nice treat b/c it's so rare when I'm working that I only have to do makeup.

For the shoot Lisa used a former bride of hers - Stephanie who was a delight to work with.  Lisa also created the most amazing tulle skirt for the shoot which went so well with the magical, romantic feel of the shoot.

For the makeup I actually got to do a bit more intense look than a lot of my brides will let me do and you know what - it looked gorgeous!  I really wish I could convince more clients to do this level of makeup.  It wasn't insane by any means but it did have a bit of drama but still looked gorgeous in real life and was intense enough that it looked awesome in pics too!  I airbrushed her face for the foundation and I'm not going to lie the more I do airbrush and since I got my new Temptu airbrush compressor the more I'm loving it!  For the makeup I wanted to do something that had a sort of Fall feel to go w/ the season and the scenery - we were shooting on cliffs and in forests and highlighting the changing of the leaves in the Fall.  Therefore I wanted to do browns, golds and bronze types colours on the eyes, bronzed/rose cheeks and a deeper nude/peach sort of lip.

The weather that day was amazing!  We were a bit worried about rain but it held out and it was cool of course - it was Fall after all but not freezing so that was good for both crew and model...I'm not gonna lie I'm not a happy makeup artist when I'm cold on set outside lol.  The leaves were just changing and it all turned out beautifully!  As you can see from the gorgeous pics below!

Seriously how stunning is this location!

Gotta love a nice action shot ;)

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