Monday, January 26, 2015

Fav Wedding Hair of 2014 - Updo Edition

Last year I did a post where I looked back at some of my fav. hairstyles/make up looks from the previous wedding season.  I really liked the post and thought it was a great way to share w/ my readers some of the creative and beautiful hairstyles I got a chance to create last year.

One thing for sure I'm really loving the fact that a lot of bride's are now incorporating extensions into updos as well...not just down hairstyles (where it's often necessary to create volume and length). When using extensions in updos it's often not length that we need more of it's the volume.  To create a lot of those big bun or elaborate updos you just need a lot of hair...and let's be real not everyone has it naturally lol!

Can't wait to see what new and awesome hairstyles I'll get the chance to create on this year's crop of brides and bridesmaids!

LOVED LOVED LOVED this updo I created for Adrianna - we did add additional clip in extensions to get the volume and fullness for the style.  Photos courtesy Azure Blue Photography

Erin changed her hairstyle right at the last minute as her original hair idea was a lot more smooth and sleek.  I'm so glad she did b/c this style was so much better for her features and dress!  Loved the few loose pieces we left around the face and her hair piece.  Photos courtesy of Avenue Photography

Kadie had so much hair to work with!  It was wonderful for this full curly updo!  Loved the addition of the headband.

Lanette naturally has very thin, fine hair so I was really happy w/ the amount of volume and fullness I was able to achieve in this curly side updo style.  Photos courtesy of Taylor Roades

I worked with Laurel on another wedding a few years prior to hers so I was so happy when she contacted me for her wedding.  Loved this smooth, layered low bun we created for the day.  Photos courtesy of Jer Wilcocks

I'm really into creating soft, romantic, textured updos and I think this updo for Lori really captured exactly what my style is all about.  So pretty!  Photos courtesy of Renaissance Studios

Loved Bailey's soft curly, messy bun!  Her hair wasn't super long but sometimes brides are surprised w/ how much we can achieve even w/ shorter hair.  Her hair was thick though so that definitely helped! Photos courtesy of Meghan Andrews

Martha had thinner, finer hair but doing doing a tighter curl and then running the fingers through the hair to create the tousled, textured and fuller look really worked great.  Plus I loved her headband so much!  And the fact that that she left some pieces out around her face.  Photos courtesy of Reid Lampshead.

Sophia's hair was another updo where I added extensions.  Her hair wasn't that long and it's super baby fine so extensions were definitely necessary!  Photos courtesy of Diane at DNA Weddings

With finer hair adding this flower was a great idea to create the illusion of bigger, fuller updo.

I love working a braid into an updo sometimes.

Again this was another updo where the bride had shorter hair but I was still able to create a really nice full updo.  Photos courtesy of Little Blue Lemon

Just a great shot of me working lol! Photos courtesy of Avenue Photo

Another updo where we added extensions for length and thickness.  Her updo is also actually the lead picture at the top of the blog.  Photos courtesy of Jennifer Ballard

The rest of the updos are just snapshots I took w/ my phone...really love some of these looks though!

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