Thursday, January 22, 2015

Special Day of a Special Friend

Whenever one of my friends are getting married it makes that special day a little more exciting for me.  Of course I love seeing all my brides looking beautiful on their wedding days but obviously when it's a close friend it's a little more personal and exciting to be part of it.

This past September one of my oldest friends Sophia got married so of course I offered I'm my makeup and hair services on her special day!  I must say overall I'm really lucky...I have a really attractive group of friends so anytime one of them gets married I know the pictures are going to be a great addition to my site and of course Sophia's wedding was no different.

Sophia got ready at the Thompson Hotel and married at Spoke Club which is just around the corner. We were a little nervous about the weather but it ended up being a gorgeous and fabulous evening and her intimate rooftop ceremony was so beautiful.

For her look I wanted to keep it really soft and beautiful.  Sophia is a natural beauty w/ gorgeous pale skin so that makes my job pretty easy lol!  I did a natural smokey eye, flushed cheek and soft nude pink lip.  I used airbrush on her skin just b/c I'm really loving the flawless finish these days and the durability of it.

For her hair we added in some clip-in extensions for her undone updo b/c her natural hair was a bit short and too fine to achieve the look we were after.  It was accented beautifully w/ a flower I pinned into the back of the updo.
Photos courtesy of Diane at DNA Weddings

Obviously I don't typically have curls in my hair on the job lol! I look short next to my tall friend in her heels...this is why I almost always wear heels lol!

These are just some photos with my phone from the night :)  I really need to get my butt in gear and get back to this size lol!
 The York University Theatre Crew

A little later in the night obviously ;)

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