Monday, December 22, 2008

Behind the Scenes - Modern Weekly

So last wk I did a shoot for one of the magazines under the "Modern Weekly" magazine company in Shanghai. I always love shooting for mags even if it is a rather simple look and they don't pay a lot just b/c of the energy on set. This shoot in particular had a very "interesting" energy to say the least lol.

Did the makeup at the magazine office and then headed over to the location. We were shooting at the mag editor's "friend's" place. When we got there we were greeted by the obviously still VERY drunk "friend" lol. His name is Nils and what a character to say the least! He opened the door, let us in and proceeded to stumble around the apt. for a few mins slightly confused about what was going on b/c he had apparently lost his phone the night before and didn't even remember that we were coming over to shoot. He was very polite though and a great host - even offering us a bottle of Moet at 9 am lol. Unfortunately, b/c I was working I of course had to decline (although anyone who knows me knows I love a glass of champagne every now and again)...maybe if I would have added orange juice the 9 am thing wouldn't have been a problem lol?

Once we got shooting things went great! Really loved the backdrop of the city from the rooftop - great view. Plus w/ the early morning sun burst in the pics I think some of them will look really cool so I can't wait to see them when they come out.

But lets get back to Nils the true star of the shoot lol. Nils and I hit it off right away...even if he doesn't remember this happening lol. We talked and bonded over his life and why he wasn't working on a Thurs. morning. He made many mentions of the fat, ugly model and feeling disappointed b/c he was promised many thin, chinese, nearly naked models lol. He declared his love/hate relationship w/ fashion and his inner desires to intern at the fashion magazine. Mostly, I just tried to keep him out of the way and occupied so that Todd didn't kill him lol!

As the shoot progressed like all drunk men Nils realized how fabulous I was even though in his words "I'm not thin, tall and flat chested" like his "usual type" lol. He and I danced around his apt. and he put a very select group of songs on repeat and even let us hear the song he wants played at his funeral. After the shoot was finished we all had a glass of champagne to celebrate...I wish every shoot ended w/ glasses of champagne!

He somehow managed to get invited to the studio for the rest of the shoot and when we took him back to his apt. he refused to get out of the cab...REFUSED!! After many minutes of begging, pleading and arguing we gave up and had to take him back to the office where I distracted him w/ coffee and the editor snuck away lol. I'm still confused how someone could maintain that level of drunkness for that MANY hours lol!

Here's a few of Nils during the shoot and me "enjoying myself" after the shoot!

A picture really is worth
a 1000 words I think lol!
Let's count the photoshoot cliches - alcohol, cigarettes, sunglasses inside, cell phones, drunk guy - add some coke and we're set lol!


what the pros do... said...

I couldnt agree more! Every shoot should definitely end with a glass of champagne :D

Veronika said...

OMG- this is the funniest thing EVER,..I love photoshoots!

Emma Nolander said...

Was he swedish?

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

No German