Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At Least It's Warm!

What a gorgeous, sunny day today in Shanghai. It must have been at least 16C and this is DEC. ppl! This is how you know I'm Canadian when I'm so friggin' excited about the weather...haha to all of you back in Toronto w/ your snow and -10C temperatures! What's funny is how freaked out the ppl get here when it gets down to like 4C. I'm a suck when it comes to cold weather (mainly b/c I'm always cold) but this just made me laugh.

I remember reading an article once that talked about Canadian's obsession w/ the weather and how it's a regular topic of conversation for us. I remember being a bit confused and thinking well yeah doesn't everyone talk about the weather? Apparently not...apparently some other nations don't feel the need to go on about the weather to such extremes like Canadians. Think about it WE ARE OBSESSED! It made me think what do these nations do for small talk then. I mean as a Canadian I think the first instinct when making small talk is to talk about the weather. Either "We're having a beautiful Summer this yr...so hot!" or "This Winter is definitely colder than last yr!"...you get the idea. I mean even in Shanghai I find myself talking about the weather quite a bit to other ppl. Usually they are talking about how cold it is and then it's my turn to laugh at them and brag about enduring cold Canadians Winters all my life (they don't need to know that I'm actually a big wuss when it comes to the cold and bitch about it all the time in Canada lol).

The big problem is what am I going to do after being spoiled like this when I'm back in Toronto next Winter lol!

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