Sunday, December 28, 2008

View From The Bund

So last wk I told you about Nils the crazy German. Well anyway, after the shoot we actually kept in contact and have now become friends. Great guy, very funny and I really enjoy hanging out w/ him. I don't actually have a lot of friends in Shanghai yet which can get a bit lonely so it's really nice to meet someone new that you actually want to hang out w/. I find I often meet ppl who are perfectly fine and okay to hang out w/ once in awhile but I wouldn't actually call them "friends" more acquaintances which can get pretty lonely here in Shanghai!

So the day after the shoot Nils actually accompanied me on some errands and I followed him all the way to Pudong to pick up his new tailored blazers (very cheap to have stuff made here). Apparently they weren't done right but I think they look great...Nils is very fashionable being from Europe and all lol! After the Pudong excursion we found ourselves having a few drinks on The Bund at a bar called The Captain I think? Nils thought they had a happy hour there but unfortunately it was Fri. and it only ran Mon-Thurs :(

Shanghai is famous for its drink specials and happy hours! As a girl I can find a bar/club w/ a ladies' night and drink free almost any night of the's crazy! Also many places offer 2 for 1 Happy Hour drinks or a lot of clubs have drink specials 100 RMB all you can drink all night long (this includes Vodka Red Bull)! Side Note: 100 RMB = $17 Can approx or $15 US. Think about it all you can drink for under $ you know why many ppl come to Shanghai to work and leave Shanghai alcoholics lol!

Anyway back to The Bund. For those of you that don't know The Bund is a big tourist area in Shanghai. It is on the Puxi side of Shanghai right on the Huangpu River and overlooks the Pudong side of Shanghai. It has many amazing old historical buildings and a really great nightlife and club scene where a lot of the more "posh" clubs are located.

Nils actually hates all the tourist bullshit and believes that you can only truly appreciate a city and it's culture by really immersing yourself in it. For Nils that has meant partying in the city for the past 2.5 yrs lol! Unfortunately, all of his fav. bars are now being taken over by Western guys which of course puts a little crimp in his game lol. Being that Nils hates all the tourist stuff I thought it was nice that he was willing to "suck it up" for me.

Below is a pic of us on The Bund w/ the Pudong side of Shanghai in the background. You can see the Pearl Tower in the background. Personally, I think it's gaudy but whatever. Btw Nils will probably kill me for posting this pic b/c he doesn't look good in it...I swear he is cute he's just incredibly unphotogenic...we're working on this lol!

This one shows more of the Shanghai skyline


ashley said...

i think i have a crush on him.

He looks like a babe.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Seriously those are awful pics I have posted of him...he is actually cute.