Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poverty Does A Body Good!

New Year - New Beginnings! I came to Shanghai about 6 wks ago or 1.5 mths...however you want to looks at it and it has definitely been a learning experience in many ways. I came during the "busy season" and unfortunately I can definitely say I did not prosper during this so-called "busy season" which to put it mildly sucks large!

It wasn't like I didn't prepare before I came here either. I saved a good amount of money and I've had several really good meetings I just feel like I'm just waiting for it all to fall into place...until then I live a very very modest life b/c who knows when I'll be getting paid next! The thing that first kind of screwed me over when I got here was the fact that to rent an apt. for 6 mths I had to basically give 4 mths up front. I had to pay 2 mths rent plus 2 mths deposit that I will get back when I leave. 4 MTHS RENT UP FRONT...that's a lot! I mean I don't know many renters in Canada who would be able to afford 4 mths rent right away.

Add to that the fact that the Canadian dollar took a hit before I came here so my money was worth quite a bit less then it was when I was here in the Summer. To put it in perspective a tall Starbucks latte costs approx. $3.50 Can in Canada well if you do the conversion that same latte costs $5.30 in China....insanity!!! So yeah right off the top I was feeling pretty poor...ooh yeah and don't forget how my computer broke my first 2 wks could we forget that lol!?! Basically if you break my weekly budget down I try to live on 300 RMB a wk (approx. $50 Can) anyone who knows this is NOTHING! I spend about 100 RMB a wk on transportation (subway) and laundry which is actually kind of expensive for me b/c my apt. doesn't have a washer but they do have a laundry service downstairs for the tenants to use. I just give them one load a wk to separating either just all in one cuz I'm THAT poor lol! Thank God I pretty much only wear darks in the Winter anyway. That leaves 200 RMB for food (approx. $34 Can) - break that down and it's less than $5 a day...aka less than a friggin' Starbucks latte!

There has however been one benefit to my new found poverty - WEIGHT LOSS! Anyone who knows me knows I have struggled w/ my weight for many many since I was 9 or 10. Anyway, since I arrived here those few short wks ago I've managed to lose 16 pds! It's a lot I know but I was also up about 5 right before I left. Hoping to lose another 10...I'll keep everyone posted w/ pics of course.

So before you all freak out I'll let you know Yes I am eating! Just less and I don't go out and I don't drink and I walk a lot and I basically eat the same thing every day...yeah I know sounds kind of depressing doesn't it lol! Basically, I'm eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, chicken, yogurt and soup. I've pretty much cut out the breads and I have to be honest I've never felt better. I've always had a very sensitive stomach I think this definitely proves to me that I have some sort of wheat intolerance. So below I'm including some pics of my new found weight loss and of course a Before Shot...Enjoy!

Side Note: Yes this was taken on Halloween. Yes I'm a French Maid. No that is not my hair I made some clip in extensions. This was taken approx. 2 wks before I left and it is the most recent pic I have before my departure. Sorry it's not a straight on body shot - As someone that has always been bigger than most of her friends I've "mastered" the side angle body pose lol!


The first ones are of my Face - I'm serious looking so you can see my cheekbones. No makeup or contouring involved - ALL NATURAL!!!

These are body shots. Sorry I couldn't get a more full length pic but I took the pics myself in my bathroom and I can only hold my arm out so far lol. I'm wearing a pair of my old jeans to show you the difference in size and how big they are. For all weight loss updates I'll try and wear the same thing to really emphasize the difference.

Luckily, I haven't lost my breasts or booty yet :)

Look I have a natural 6 pack forming!!

My goal by the end of this is to be able to wear some God Damn Skinny Fucking Jeans!!! For the last few seasons I've seen cute girls styling it up w/ skinny jeans tucked into boots or w/ heels or w/ flats and I've been stuck in my flared or wide leg pants (I'm a pear I carry it all in my hips and thighs). But no more...I will wear skinny jeans...I don't even care if they aren't in fashion I WILL WEAR THEM!!


what the pros do... said...

Wow, I must go on the Shanghai diet! You look great :)

Anonymous said...

You looked great in your first photo.. and now you look even better! But don't go crazy skinny girl.. ;)

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Haha me I will never be model skinny....too much booty and thighs for that to EVER happen lol!

Amy V. said...

wow, good for you! i'm stuck with the last 13 pounds of baby weight that i'm trying to get rid of... maybe the shanghai diet will work for me!