Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Good To Be My Friend ;)

So there are a lot of benefits to a girl to be friends w/ a super cool, nice and talented makeup/hair artist like myself lol.  I'll do your makeup on your birthday when we go out.  I randomly give away free makeup and beauty products when I'm bored w/ them or a company gives me stuff I'll never use in my kit.  I'll answer any makeup and hair questions and I'll go makeup shopping w/ you.  Plus I'll practice hair techniques on you and give you a super hot hairdo!

Which is exactly what I did on Sunday w/ my dear friend and fellow blogger Christine Estima.  As many of you know I'm really getting into hair lately...esp. bridal hair and updos b/c 1. it's very useful and makes me much more marketable 2. it makes me a lot more money then just doing makeup alone...and I can always use more money ;)

So I ordered a bunch of bridal hair dvds which are really great and go step by step through the hairdos...and they give written instruction throughout the far they seem pretty easy esp. when everything is broken down step by step.  It's really helping  me get over my hair phobia...I've realized before I just didn't know the steps to take and that's where I was getting frazzled plus just understanding that some things do take time and you just have to take the time to do them...before I just always thought I'm taking too long.

I have a mannequin head that I practice on to sometimes but it really is better to practice on a real person...the hair parts better, it's smoother, you can work on pressure and tension more and Christine's hair is very long.  So Christine and I had a great time just hanging out while I played w/ her hair, practiced a few curling and pinning techniques and worked on some backcombing and styling.  Mostly, I just wanted to practice some half updos for a bride I had today coming to me for a trial.  The trial went fabulously btw and I can't wait to share some pics of her on her wedding day later this mth b/c she is going to look gorgeous! 

Here's some pics of Christine and I hanging out, styling hair and being overall sexy ladies lol!  Btw it was bloody HOT and HUMID yesterday in Toronto...and no AC at Chrissy's place so excuse the shine lol!
After we finished the Bridal Hair we just shook her hair out for that Voluminous, Sexy Bed Head Look that Christine pulls off so well...what a Hottie ;)


Sia said...

I love your blog and would love for you to follow mine too

Farah said...

sexy hair! I totally need to work on my hair thanks for the dvd suggestion

Liz said...

This is really inspiring, and the kick in the pants I needed. I'm very much a hair beginner and fighting a bit of a phobia - even for basic commercial styles, I'm unsure of the steps to take (forget bridal updos!) So, I also bought the scary fake head (my dog barks at it, LOL) and am hiring a local stylist friend to put me through hair 101 boot camp. It's helping, but I have a lot of practice ahead of me! Thanks for demonstrating that an already amazing artist like yourself can successfully become comfortable and skilled with hair!

deborah said...

Between your inspiring blog posts and a makeup artist friend of mine doing hair is less scary. I'm gonna check out those dvds. Never hurts to learn more.

Thank you!!!