Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shanghai Bride

I got the pleasure to work w/ another wonderful bride on Saturday.  It was actually kind of funny b/c she's originally from Canada but lives in Shanghai now so I joke the only reason she hired me was b/c she saw that I lived and worked in Shanghai as well lol. 

Amy and I only met a couple of wks ago for a trial b/c of course she was in Shanghai until very recently.  That meant that we had many many emails between each other just going over details and concepts and just making sure we were both on the same page w/ things. 

That's one thing a lot of ppl including new MUAs don't think about - when you make your rate it's not just about what you do on the wedding day.  You also have to make your rate w/ the consideration that it covers all the time you spend corresponding w/ the bride before the trial and even after the trial...if you send 10 emails to a bride and each one takes approx. 5-6 mins to write that's another hr.  Plus of course there is the travel time, kit packing time, brush washing all adds up and needs to be added to your rate!

Amy looked gorgeous for her wedding...beautiful skin, gorgeous hair...can't wait to see the pics!  I also want to give a special shout out to my partner in wedding crime - Ashley Readings.  She assisted me w/ Amy's wedding and totally rocked the hair for Amy's sisters, mother and maid of well we added a couple of extra family members last minute (hey if I have time who am I to turn away more money ;) ). 

I think the funniest part of the day was doing the Makeup & Hair for Amy's Maid of Honour - Karen.  What a riot!  Karen was actually at the trial and I think her words after the makeup trial were "Well you don't look awful"...that's actually a big compliment coming from her lol...I didn't even take offense, if you met her you'd understand!  I think this might have been the first time Karen EVER wore makeup!   So of course I kept it really light and natural...I just wish she would have let me shape her brows lol!  Karen is a natural beauty - great skin, full lips, great bone structure.  I thought it was super nice that she was willing to play dress up for her friend Amy on her big day b/c you could tell it was SOOOO NOT her thing lol!  What a friend!

The first part of the wedding was a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony hence the red Chinese dress.  It started w/ these fun games where the groom has to do all these things to try to "win" the bride.  He was singing songs, drawing pictures of her...all sorts of things.  The traditional Western ceremony was later that day...wish I could have seen her in her white dress.  I'm sure she looked gorgeous!

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Victoria Steele Make-up Artist said...

sounds like it was fun :) do you get permission from the brides to put photos of them on your blog? id quite like to put some pics on mine but not sure if the brides would mind.