Monday, August 9, 2010

Stolen Solace

A new editorial of mine just came out!  Yeah...I  never get tired of seeing new work published!  Had to wait a day to tell you guys b/c at first they accidently credited another MUA for my work...booo!  Luckily, it's an online publication and not print so the problem was quickly corrected.  James Nixon the editor at is super cool about stuff like that...once a photographer forgot to credit my assistant for a shoot that was published on Fantastics and James fixed it (which was really nice b/c I always want my assistants to get the credit they deserve!).

Anyway, you may remember me writing about this shoot a few mths back under the title Sensual Romance.  Here's the finished product which I think turned out really beautiful!  I reallly like the title "Stolen Solace" as well.

This one is my Fav!


Petite said...

oh my god I so dearly adore your work!

FACE IT by Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

Beautiful work!

Victoria Steele Make-up Artist said...


Deborah said...

sigh. this is stunning. One day soon!