Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Up For Ever Boutique in Paris

Well I'm back from Europe and have A LOT of posting to catch up on!  Sorry I didn't update more while in Europe I just got so busy and the internet was a little slow so it made uploading pics really annoying. 

So in between doing all my fun touristy things and attending my brother's art show in Paris I made a little time to visit the Make Up For Ever Boutique in Paris!  Very exciting indeed!  I went w/ my sister-in-law Ania who was very patient (we were in the store for a good 2 hrs lol) and even took notes for me as I decided what to buy lol.   In return for her patience I helped her pick out a few items for herself and use my pro discount (very happy to find out it worked in Paris). 

So after hours of deliberation I finally decided upon a large empty palette (I don't think we have these in Canada) and 8 eyeshadows and 5 lipstick circles that fit in the palette.  I don't think we have the little lipstick circles in Canada either...maybe I'm wrong either way they are awesome. 

Here's some pics of me in front of the store - Before & After said purchases lol...plus a couple of pics inside the store...could only snap a few before they asked me to stop lol.
 Black Light Pigments...very tempting wish I had a shoot to justify buying those!

So yesterday I decided to organize and clean some of my palettes and I decided since my new MUFE palette is so large I should condense some of my other palettes into this one.  I took all of my Yaby brow shadows, cake liners and eyeshadows (except my browns & beiges still in another Yaby Palette) and added them to my 8 new MUFE shadows.

 While in the MUFE boutique I also came across this amazing French makeup artist magazine called MUP (Makeup Professional Magazine).  I can't really read it b/c my french is pretty rusty but the pictures are gorgeous!  Seriously inspiring!  I was only going to buy 1 of the issues out of the 3 in the store b/c each one was 14 euros but I knew if I didn't get the other 2 I'd just be back the next day to buy them...so I indulged (it's a tax write off afterall ;) ).

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Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

Ohhhhhhh the store looks beautiful! I am tres jealous. AND, way, way long ago, when MUFE was still at Sears Eaton Centre, they had a [not so great] selection of lipppies in little round pans. But I stopped buying MUFE in Toronto a long time ago. I hope the rest of your trip was grand!