Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel Review

I've used this product before but it's been awhile and I forgot how much I liked it!  At xmas my Nana asked me if I still used these pads and I said Yeah if I have them but I don't know any Avon reps in Toronto...she's an Avon rep back in Windsor.  So she gave me a couple of packages of them and I'm so glad she did!

Anyone that knows me knows I have a bit of prob skin and have for years.  In high school I went through a phase of severe acne (thankfully it didn't scar) and even now in my late 20s :S I have to be really careful w/ my skin and still break out sometimes...esp. if I have one of those late party nights and don't take off my makeup or newly discovered I think dairy upsets my skin (in Europe my forhead was like braille!).  So not only am I still trying to keep those pesky pimples at bay but now I'm also trying to be preventative and stop those tiny little wrinkles before they start!  Hard to find skincare that works for acne & anti-aging lol!

During xmas my skin was definitely NOT on it's best behaviour.  I think it had to do w/ the weather, change in diet and stress lol!  I've been using the peel pads religiously since I got back to Toronto and they are making so much of a difference!  They have really helped to clear up my skin and fade some of the pesky marks I had from some old pimples plus I think they are really making a difference on the one area I do notice VERY faint lines forming...my smile lines (damn my chipper smiley nature lol).  I don't think my skin has looked this good in awhile!  I find the overall texture has improved and the overall tone and evenness is a lot better too!  I don't even think I look THAT bad when I head to the gym w/out makeup...yes I leave the house sans makeup...before I just thought I looked shitty but still did it...now I think I look less shitty lol. 

Btw did I mention that it won the Allure Magazine Award for Best Peel...so obviously I'm not the only one that thinks it rocks!

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Elaine A said...

Cool, I've never tried these out before, glad to know they work! I've had people ask me about these.

I'm an Avon rep in Toronto so if you do need something in between visits to Windsor let me know! :)