Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Wedding Website!

So I built my new wedding website last wk w/ a new hosting company and template and after transfering the domain and changing the nameservers it's officially LIVE!  Wow look at me using all the computer technical talk lol.  I think it looks 1,000,000 times BETTER than the old one!  So much more professional and clean which I like...A LOT!  It was SUPER easy to build too...way easier than the last one.  I was never really that happy w/ the last one but I wanted to get something up for business and I didn't really want to re-design it until I found a template/host that I liked better than what I had.  Also I didn't want to change anything at the peak of wedding season b/c I didn't want there to be any down time w/ my website where potential customers couldn't find it.

So I actually found this template through my brother Steve who is also an I've mentioned before.  His website was super clean so I asked him where he got the template from and it turns out it's actually cheaper than what I was using before bonus' all around!  It's not a completely perfect template and there are a couple of things I wish were different.  The hosting company is technically designed for Visual Artists so there is kind of a limit on writing & words and you have to have pics attached to it.  But you know what I worked around these few limitations and in fact in some ways I think it actually forced me to make it look in the testimonials section!

So yeah...already getting a good start on my New Year's Resolutions! Hopefully this will really help my wedding business...I think it will!

Btw also went to the Toronto Wedding Show w/ my fellow MUA/Partner in Crime Ashley Readings last Fri.  Basically we wanted to check out the competition a bit, see their prices and what they had to offer, as well as find out about various wedding photographers and others in the wedding biz...always good to grow your network!  Plus there was LOTS of FREE cake to try...and that's never a bad thing ;)  Also I'm not afraid to admit...I like just looking at wedding stuff...doesn't almost every girl secretly have at least a few details of her wedding day planned or at least thought about lol. 
Here's Ashley & I being silly at the Wedding Show...yes this is how I spend my Fri. Nights!

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Victoria Steele Make-up Artist said...

the new website looks awesome, im hoping to get mine done this year :) I also plan to dedicate this year to teaching myself hair. yikes! keep up the good work xx