Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shanghai Bride Update

Well I got a nice early Chinese New Year present from my Shanghai bride Amy this morning.  You may remember Amy was a bride I worked w/ back in July I believe.  She is originally from Toronto but has been living in Shanghai w/ her then finance/now husband for the past several years.  I joked originally that the only reason she probably hired me was b/c she saw I use to live in Shanghai lol.

Anyway, she sent me some pictures from her lovely wedding today.  I always love seeing pictures from the wedding b/c I love to see my brides all happy and beautiful and I love to make sure their hair & makeup looks as good as it did when I left them the pictures always look so much better then the couple of quick snapshots I try to sneak in before the bride is rushing out the door.  Yeah more pics to update my NEW WEDDING WEBSITE...if you haven't already I highly suggest you check it out lol ;)

It was a VERY hot day on her wedding day.  Like probably the hottest wedding day I worked last Summer so I was happy to see that her makeup and hair held up well throughout the day...even w/ multiple outfit changes.  She wore a traditional red chinese dress for the tea ceremony then a white dress for the wedding ceremony and then back to the red dress again for the reception. 

Amy was also a very natural bride who normally never wore any makeup or did anything w/ her hair so of course I wanted to keep her looking natural and like herself...but just her BEST self.  Sometimes I find artists don't always listen to the bride or fully understand the concept of less is bride wants to hear "Wow I didn't even recognize you?!?" I think I did a good job of accomplishing that while highlighting her features.  I think one of the best things for brides...esp. Asian brides is the addition of either strip false lashes or individual false lashes.  Even if she is a super natural bride that doesn't want to wear a lot of makeup the lashes really bring emphasis and definition to the eyes while still  keep them natural.  With the proper false lash and good application technique no one will even be able to tell the bride is wearing them.  In fact you don't know how many times I've worn Drag Queen style lashes and just b/c I have them blended in well ppl will actually ask if they are my natural lashes lol!

Photos are Courtesy of  Kiss The Moment


Victoria Steele Make-up Artist said...

gorgeous photos, great work as always. Youre a master of false lashes, Im still clumsy as hell with them, cant even put them on myself :s

Still loving the blog, keep it up, and the website is looking great.

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

so gorgeous... make up is beautiful.. photography is beautiful, just simply perfect ^_^

yui said...

I always enjoy visitig here.