Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bronzed, Beautiful & Back to Nature!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on a project that I'm REALLY excited about!  I was excited before the shoot but after seeing some of the results from yesterday I CAN'T WAIT to see the end product - which thankfully will be out by June 17th (don't you HATE when you have to wait FOREVER for stuff to come out).

So what was this amazing project I was working on yesterday you ask?  Well I was doing the Hair & Makeup for a really hot video editorial for Lilogi - a new Fashion webzine.  It's so cool b/c I've wanted to work on a video editorial for awhile b/c they are so popular right now but unfortunately hadn't had the chance then my good stylist friend Alexandra Loeb came to me w/ this project and I wasn't booked so of course I jumped at the opportunity!

We literally couldn't have asked for a better day yesterday...we were a bit worried about rain but where we were shooting it was literally perfection all around us!  We were shooting in the middle of nowhere - literally about 2 hrs East of Toronto out near Picton!?! or something like that at this Beach/Sand Dunes area.  It was gorgeous but boy was it far closer to Kingston than Toronto which when you're doing a one day shoot makes for a LONG day!  Thankfully, it was SO WORTH IT!

It was a Beach themed shoot about a model getting back to nature.  Very sexy and earthy - bronzy, natural, glowing, a bit disheveled - you get the idea.  They wanted these really natural beachy waves - w/ lots of texture and even frizz and it was the PERFECT opportunity for me to use my RSessions Naluwaver which is great for creating that perfect beach wave...afterwards I just teased and tousled it a bit to give it that worn in, messy look.  For the makeup it was all about the Bronzed Beauty.  Very natural and bronzy on the eyes, bronzed glowing cheeks and just some gloss on the lips.  I also used a bronzing gel on her body although she was already pretty tan (note it was NOT a self tanner - just a bronzing gel by L'oreal - worked well - not too much shimmer which I was worried about).

One of the coolest things about the shoot was it actually brought me back to my Shanghai roots.  The model Genevieve and I had actually worked together w/ Todd Anthony Tyler in Shanghai during my 1st trip to Shanghai (I didn't even have the blog then).  I was there for 2 mths in the Summer before I spent 6 mths there and Genevieve was a model we used for a shoot we did that ended up in PUSH it Magazine.  Lovely girl - GORGEOUS FACE!  Seriously, she has a really unique look to her and I'm just in love w/ her cheekbones and lips and her eyes are the most piercing blue eyes!  Her skin barely needed any foundation. I used a bit of Yaby concealer and Face Atelier Foundation b/c I wanted to give her that really natural dewy look plus of course lots of highlighting/contouring and bronzing!  And OMG her body...that's all I have to say - HER BODY!

So we shot in 3 different "main locations" and all over those 3 locations.  It was a really laid back group and so much fun b/c it was ALL GIRLS!  I don't know if I've ever been on a fashion shoot where it's been ALL GIRLS - Model, Stylist, Editor, MUA, Videographer/Photographer & Assistant - Yeah Girl Power!  The light looked beautiful on Genevieve esp. w/ the reflector added in and it just gave her the most airbrushed glow.  Seriously, when you see the pics I got just off of my little digital camera - they are amazing and obviously not retouched or anything AT ALL!  Seriously, I don't get jealous of models that often but I was jealous lol!

We alternated between Video & Photographic stills and also did some macro shooting of the jewelery that was being featured in for the shoot.  The jewelery designer is this awesome sister duo and the company is called Lizzie Fortunato and they really have some STUNNING costume jewelery pieces - seriously breathtaking...and for the amount of labour and detail reasonably priced too!

So here's a taste of what went down yesterday...I know you'll be dying to see more!
Alex doing some last min. adjusting

 Me Bronzing Up the Babe!
 Thankfully it washes off :)
 I can't believe this was taken w/ just my digital gorgeous!
 What trooper..the water was not that warm despite the HOT temps out!
 I wish I looked this hot w/out trying...I mean she's not posing just standing there lol!  Who am I kidding I wish I looked this hot WITH trying lol!
 Not is this POSSIBLE!?!

 End of the Day!

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Joanna said...

Looks like an amazing shoot! You make everyone look absolutely amazing!!!