Friday, June 10, 2011

Love When My Brides Show Me Pictures After the Wedding!

You may recall me talking about a Sat. a little less than a mth ago where I had two weddings that day (May 14 th to be exact).  The first bride that day Lori was kind enough to let me know that her photographer Marlen James had posted some pictures on Facebook from the wedding.

I always LOVE when my brides send me photos after the day 1. B/C I sometimes don't get to see them all done up 2. It's a nice way to make sure they looked beautiful throughout the day and the Hair & Makeup held up 3. It's great to add those pics to my website.

The pictures are beautiful and it's so great to see that everything held up that day esp. b/c at some points on that Sat. there were torrential downpours...not the best thing for Hair & Makeup lol!  I contacted the Lori's photographer Marlen James to see if she would mind me using a few of the pictures for publicity purposes (I of course agreed to include her name and website) and she was nice enough to send me some of the pics - Yeah Thank You So Much!  She also said that the Hair & Makeup...esp. the Hair held up beautifully the entire day which of course made me super happy.

One thing I was super excited about was the fact that Marlen took a lot of great pics that specifically featured the Makeup & Hair...unfortunately (for me) that's not always the case w/ pics from the wedding day.

So enjoy some of the pictures from Lori's beautiful day!

Lori & Her New Husband Doug...Such a Beautiful Couple!

 I Love this pic of Lori & her sister Patricia (who I also did Hair & Makeup for)
 Such a Pretty pic of the Hair!


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Gorgeous Bride and makeup

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so pretty!!! great job!! <3