Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Fresh & So Clean - Now THIS is Clean Beauty! UPDATED

Adamo is back from his wedding (Congrats) and of course like the AMAZING professional he is he went straight back to work and finished editing the one clean beauty shot he couldn't get to before the wedding  - Sarah (Elite). She was actually the first model we shot that day.  She's from Elite and such a pleasure to work w/ - So Fresh, So Soft and So Young!

So here's the finished pic of Sarah!  Stay tuned for other shots from this day b/c there are literally SO MANY!  I will be posting stuff about this epic shoot for mths probably lol!

I'm also posting the other pics again just so you can see everything together in all it's glory!  Plus I just think they look so cool together b/c each girl is so different in her features - some sharper, some softer, different ethnic backgrounds, different hair colours etc. but I just love how the same concept looks so different w/ all these different girls!  They all do their own thing and look gorgeous but each still looks very natural.  Such a skincare ad I swear!  I'm not going to lie my only bit of sadness is that we didn't get any girls w/ darker skin tones...c'est la vie you can only work w/ what the agencies are offering you :(

On my website I have them laid out Alex, Sarah, Andrea, Bea - kind of goes from Light Hair to Dark and I really like it!

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