Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm An Addict & Shoppers Drug Mart Is My Dealer!

Anyone who knows me knows that it's near impossible for me to walk into Shoppers Drug Mart w/out dropping minimum $50.  Seriously, every time I go in even if it's for something simple like toothpaste the lure of their great sales and Optimum points get me.  I'm an Optimum Point fiend (for those that don't know you can save these pts and redeem them for free merchandise)...and let's not even get me started on the 20X the Optimum Points days lol!

So yesterday I innocently stop into Shoppers to pick up a package at the post office section (my Model 21 Eyelash order came in :) ).  I walked into the doors of my neighbourhood Shoppers at Yonge & College which I might add is also a Beauty Boutique (meaning that it carries a wider array of high end beauty products - Benefit, Smashbox, Guerlain, name a few).  Right there in the front were these bins marked $1.99 or $4.99 and they were FILLED w/ AMAZING hair products!  I don't mean the crappy kind either - I'm talking Marc Anthony, John Freida, L'oreal Elnett...some reallly good stuff!

Of course like the addict I am I grabbed a basket and just started loading it up w/ Elnett Hairspray ($4.99 reg. $14.99) and other various hair products for ridiculous prices.  Seriously, ppl were staring b/c I was just grabbing away afraid that others would get to something before I had a chance.  And of course like any addict I can always justify such purchases, "It's for my kit, I'm a Makeup & Hair artist" I say to the strangers staring at my almost overflowing basket.

After I loaded up my basket, picked up my eyelashes and roamed the store I went to the cash where the manager asked me how many Optimum pts I had.  I knew they had a special program going on this weekend where if you used 80 000 pts you got to spend $200 on almost anything in the store (you just have to pay the tax).  Normally, 80 000 pts gets you about $136 or something so it was like an extra $64 free!  I knew the sale items at the ridiculous prices wouldn't be around on Sat. for the promotion so I just figured I'd buy them that day and come back Sat. to get my $200 free merchandise of my choice (btw it's actually not THAT hard to get that many pts esp. if you shop on the 20X the pts days).  Then the manager informs me b/c that particular Shoppers is such a high volume Shoppers they are actually starting the promotion a day earlier on the Fri.!  That means not only do I get these AMAZING hair products for at an AMAZING DEAL...I actually get them for FREE!

Well once I found that out they agreed to hold my transaction and items aside while I continued to roam the store.  I literally spent another hr trying to figure out how to spend another $135.  I'm very indecisive and whenever these redeem your pts days come up I only like to spend the pts on things I would never normally purchase or things I hate to spend the money on in the first place (which usually means things for me b/c it's harder for my guilty self to justify it when it's for me and not my kit lol).

After much deliberation and walking around I finally settled on a new Hoola Bronzer by Benefit b/c mine is almost done and it's my Fav. contouring product, Boots Protect & Perfect Serum b/c I like it and haven't bought it for myself in awhile, some hair colour cuz man my roots are getting bad lol and my BIG purchase that I have been WAITING to get but didn't actually want to spend the money on RAPID LASH - it's like $60!  Not b/c my lashes are short or anything - in fact I have great very full and long lashes but for my BROWS!  Which of course if you read my last post you know are lacking and it's a very sensitive issue w/ me.  I've heard great things about this product so I'm really curious to see if it works and helps fill in some of the holes and gaps in my brows!

My order ended up coming to $200.50 how amazing is that!  I planned that too perfection so w/ tax I paid just over $26...can you believe it.  The receipt also says how much you saved and on all the hair products I saved just over $192!!! So that' means I basically got $400 worth of Makeup & Hair products for $26 Yesterday!  Sign me up for Extreme Couponing b/c I think we have a new WINNER lol!

Here's my amazing purchases in all their glory!

Here's Everything!
 Elnett $4.99/bottle you better believe I stocked up!  Esp. the way I got through hairspray lol!
 All of these hair products were $1.99/Each - Insanity!
 My Splurge on Myself Purchases - Funny the Rapid Lash at $60.00 was only a few dollars cheaper than ALL of the Hair Products together lol!

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Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

wow! :) so many Elnette sprays! I have a mini size one as a back-up~ I like it, but I'm still finding the perfect hair spray...I do like the smell of Elnette~! the thing with hair spray if it smells disgusting (like the CHI ones...) i have to return it or else vomit!

the next one on my hit list are the ones made by Aquage~ >.<