Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Replenished Hues - YYZ Living Editorial

New Editorial Out!  I'm VERY happy to announce I have a new editorial out...what's even BETTER is that it's actually in PRINT!  Nowadays w/ so many magazines going online or even worse out of business it's a lot harder to get published in magazines that ACTUALLY have a print copy of them available in stores.

A few mths ago I wrote about some behind the scenes stuff for the editorial I was shooting for the Summer issue of YYZ Living and it's FINALLY out and it looks so PRETTY!  About a wk and a half ago YYZ did a big launch party at Ultra's rooftop patio for the Summer issue which was nice b/c not only do I get a new editorial out but I get to go to a party that's featuring my editorial :)

Only thing that was a bit disappointing was originally the story was suppose to be used for the cover as well but last minute it got cut from the cover and another editorial was used :( ...really would have liked to have had a COVER too although I'm not going to lie the image that did use for the cover is stunning as well!  But the story still looks great (although they spelled my name wrong...ugghh not MEYERS...happens so often!)  But nothing I can do about it now so I might as well just enjoy the beautiful editorial and hopefully I'll get a chance to work w/ the magazine again...and maybe do a cover ;)

Here's the editorial...it's not the actually tears w/ the credits b/c I don't have them in PDF format yet but here's the pics they used (and the ones they didn't use that I like...it's funny 2 of the pics they cut are actually 2 of my fav from the story...always the way lol).

Photographer: Dexter Quinto
Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti
Creative Director: Annie Lam
Hair: Earl Simpson
Model: Ksenia (Elite)
Location: Studio Kaizen

 This is the Opening Image

 I LOVE this Image!

 This was the Original Opener...I like it better b/c it features the makeup better...what can you expect I AM a Makeup Artist after all lol!
This was the the image that was going to be used for the cover originally...very pretty so sad it was cut :(
Here's a pic from the launch party - it's me on the right, Dexter in the middle and my friend Svetlana was my  +1 lol...Dexter had just returned from Europe literally the day before I think

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