Monday, June 20, 2011

Torlys Web Commercials!

A few wks ago you may remember I got to work w/ a great new team on some web commercials for Torlys Smart Hardwood Flooring.  Well today I got my hands on the two commercials we did and I have to say they are pretty cute in a tongue in cheek sort of way.  Great thing is the client LOVES - YEAH!  Thanks again Signature Video Group can't wait to work w/ you guys again in the future!

So here they are below...check them out!

Video #1

Video #2 - This one is my fav out of the two.  I think the ppl playing the married couple did such a good job...funny thing was they actually knew each other from before b/c they had been hired to play a newly dating couple for a dating website commercial previously and the director had no idea about this when he brought them on for this job - crazy eh!  Apparently, they must look like a good match or something lol!

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