Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gypset - The Glamorous Vagabond

On Tues. I got to head back up to the beautiful & remote area of Picton, ON (or somewhere around there) for another Video Editorial w/ the amazing ppl at Lilogi.  This team is quickly becoming one of my fav teams to work w/.  It's all girls (which is rare in fashion) and we all just mesh so well together and always have such a great time and great working chemistry.

The theme for this video was Gypset, which I'll be honest I didn't even know this term until I was sent the video concept brief before the shoot.  For those of you not in know like me Gypset is a term coined by Julia Chaplin and is described as "an approach to life that fuses the wild and unconventional ethos of a gypsy with the sophistication and speed of the jet set" so basically it's a gypsy who happens to have a lot of money and can live like a glamorous vagabond.  Very cool idea if you can afford it lol.

So Nicole (creator of Lilogi), Blair (assistant) and Renee (videographer) went up early in the day and created all these glamorous and luxurious sets for us out in the middle of nowhere...just gorgeous and so elaborate - really impressive stuff!

The stylist was my good friend Alexandra Loeb and the model was Emilie (Elite) who is actually here from Montreal for the Summer.  Sweetest girl and totally worked for the Gypset theme.  

It was another gorgeous day!  Hot but GORGEOUS!  Seriously, we have been so lucky when we've headed up there the two times.  Emilie was such a trooper too b/c of course we were showing a lot of Fall clothes and things w/ fur...such a professional even in the heat!  And as the day went on she just got more and more into the theme and really transformed herself into the character.  

For the Makeup I wanted something not too clean or perfect, something almost a little slept in.  So I wanted some smoldering eyes w/ big lashes and big eyeliner.  Emilie had big cheekbones which you know I LOVE so you better believe I was taking advantage of that w/ the contour and a pretty strong bronzy cheek.  I kept the lips nude and w/ a gloss.  

For her hair I did a couple of things.  Again nothing too clean or perfect - which is perfect when trekking through the wilderness or shooting outside b/c the messier it gets the better and more organic is looks.  I added A LOT of extensions to Emilie's hair b/c it was thin and not near as long as we needed...yeah for my endless supply of extensions (and Alex's b/c she brought a set too...I used BOTH sets!).  First hair look I did a really messy side fish tail w/ some volume and texture worked through the top and the braid.  For the second hair look I made a Hair Rat (fake hair teased into a ball) to attach to her head to create the volume I needed for the Bridget Bardotesque hair we wanted...thank god for that rat b/c as I mentioned her hair was think I would have been teasing and re-teasing all afternoon w/out it.  W/ it all I had to do was attach it to the head and then tease the hair around it a bit and lay and pin it over the hair rat.  First time I've actually made and used one myself actually!  After I did the pouf I teased all around the hair that wasn't pulled back to give it that very worn/slept in messy hair texture.  If only my hair ever looked that good when I woke up in the morning lol!

In the end it was a LONG day (10 am - Midnight) but so worth it!  Can't wait to see the video which will be coming out on July 22nd (another thing I love about Lilogi is the quick turn around w/ work).  

I of course took a ton of Behind the Scenes pics so ENJOY!
Beginning of the Day!
 Vast greenery we trekked through to 1st location
1st Location - Abandoned, Rusted Car!  How AMAZING is THIS!  Renee's Father stumbled upon it during a walk one day in the middle of nowhere...LITERALLY!
 It has a built in Sun Roof lol!
 Gross Bugs on this plant in the a million of them...EWW!  Don't mind nature, still HATE bugs!
 Look at this Weather!
 Another Touch Up!
 Love this Hat!
 The Living Room...What a Creation!

 Hair Rat!  Would have been better if it was Dark Brown but whatever I made due!

 Hair Rat in Action!

 Ugliest Dress EVER...Seriously, but Emilie made it work!  It's so Ugly it's HOT!
 At First we weren't sure about this outfit then it became one of the FAVS of the Day!

 Love this Shot!

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