Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Importance of a Good Brow!

I don't know if you guys have realized this about me but I'm a bit brow obsessed...partially b/c I don't naturally have the best brows in the world anymore (women PLEASE I beg you DO NOT over tweeze!) and partially b/c they really do frame the eye and are such an important but often overlooked feature on the face.

It's like I was saying before w/ guys and makeup when something is good and done well like a good shaped brow you don't even really notice it you just notice that that person has great features but when someone has messed up brows (we've ALL seen them) you notice right away and you realize how much it messes up the balance and aesthetic of the over all face.

For me it's even more I'm seriously brow obsessed when working on clients and looking at ppl in general.  I ALWAYS notice the brows!  Whenever I have someone w/ good brows sitting in my chair I make sure to tell them and say DON'T ruin your brows they are AMAZING!  Whenever I have someone w/ sad little over plucked brows I don't hold back either and I will politely suggest that they might want to try growing them in a bit b/c it would help shape their eye better.

On a side note one of the biggest ways to see how good a makeup artist is IMO is check out their work w/ brows in their portfolio.  Newbies often forget about them or neglect them but will still do a very strong smokey eye and w/out the brows filled in a bit it just looks unfinished or they will go the opposite way and shade them in too dark or just not understand what needs to be filled in and what needs to be left alone to make a nice, balanced shape on the face.

There's also a lot of different products on the market for filling in brows and really it does come down to a matter of preference.  It's funny b/c on my own brows I often use a brow pencil but on clients I NEVER use a pencil and pretty much stick to brow powders...this is also b/c I don't like to carry around a lot of loose pencils in my kit...I almost never use lip liner either believe it or not.   There are also various waxes and brow gels that can also be used to fill in the brows.

So anyway, getting down to business.  Anyone who knows anything about brows has probably heard of Anastasia - the brow guru of Hollywood and beyond...if you haven't heard of her what rock have you been living under lol!  Seriously, her reputation is intense and her client list includes ppl like Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez just to name a few...umm that's some pretty big names w/ even BIGGER standards!

I got an email yesterday asking me if I wanted to review Anastasia's Beauty Brow Express Kit and of course being the brow freak I am I jumped at that opportunity.  So in the next couple of wks look out for my review on the Beauty Brow Express Kit and until then enjoy this little tutorial from Anastasia herself on what you need to do a great brow!


Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

my former dentist had his office right by their beverly hills place~~! The esthetician who trained us in brow waxing used to work for their company in nyc~! <3 their brow powder + brow gel..(that mascara-like thing for brows~ I have the lightest shade, for clients who want to 'lighten' their brows on the spot~)

Lelo Therese said...

I always use powders too on clients and I'm not so much a fan of lip liners -- lol