Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I LOVE My Laura Geller Makeup From Apothica!!!

As some of you know I'm sponsored by Apothica.  For those that don't know Apothica is this great cosmetics site (kind of like Sephora) that has a million different brands of makeup...a lot I've never even heard of + they also have two other sites connected w/ them Skin Care RX & Skin Botanica that you can also shop at.

The sponsorship is great b/c it allows me to experience, learn about and be partnered w/ cosmetic brands I might not have even known about otherwise.  Every 6 mths I get a credit to use towards products on their websites...great deal for me as I LOVE free stuff (I mean who doesn't).

So for my latest Apothica purchase I decided to try out some makeup from Laura Geller.  I had heard about the brand before but had never actually used any of it.  Unfortunately, Canadian Sephoras no longer carry the brand and to be honest I'm not quite sure if you can get it anywhere in Canada :(.  If this is the case then I'm going to be SUPER SAD when I run out of these products b/c I have to be honest I LOVE LOVE LOVE my choices...like I haven't LOVED something this much in a long time!

So what did I get you ask?  I got the Balance-n-Brighten Face Powder in Med. along w/ the Kiss & Bakeup Collection (I'm a sucker for a good makeup set...it's the deal finder in me lol).

First I'll talk about the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Colour Correcting Foundation.  It works like a light powder foundation and gives a light coverage.  Personally, I like a little more coverage so I layer on top of my other foundation but you can use it on it's own and it really just minimizes skin imperfections and balances the skin tone and brightens up your entire face.  Seriously, a lot of ppl lately have commented on how glowing my skin looks...but not in a shiny disco ball way don't worry.  I got the Med. b/c that was the only shade offered and I think it would be a little dark for me in the Winter but for Summer it's perfect.  In fact it actually really helps me b/c as I mentioned before my Cover FX powder foundation is actually a shade too light for me esp. in the Summer so if I layer this over top of it it just totally balances me out and gives me a nice golden glow!

The Kiss & Bakeup Collection is an AWESOME Set!  It includes:

Spackle Under Make-up Primer
Blush-n-Brighten - Apricot Berry
Eye Rimz - Bewitching Bronze
Dream Creams Lip Palette - Apricot Berry
Double-Ended Face and Cheek Brush
Eye Rimz Brush
Retractable Lip Brush

The Spackle Primer is nice.  I have no complaints about it.  It does leave my face smooth and soft and it's a great base for applying makeup on.  I have to admit though and I know this sounds crazy but I'm actually really in love w/ my ELF mineral primer right now...I know I know crazy eh...but so good and so cheap!  But this is great too and it comes in the set so no complaints here.

Balance-n-Bronze is gorgeous but be careful a little goes a long way.  All of these products are very pigmented which is great.  It goes on smooth and it does create a beautiful bronzed glow on my cheeks.

Blush-n-Brighten in Apricot Berry again is very pretty but I think this set would def. work better for med. skin tones...if you're fair skin just be careful b/c it might just all be a bit too much colour for you just a heads up.  But it's gorgeous on tanned skin.  I just love how bright and glowing everything leaves my skin looking!

Dream Cream Lip Palette in Apricot Berry has 4 great shades and I actually like to mix them together a bit esp. the brown neutral w/ some of the more coral colours just so they aren't too orange, although I don't mind them on their own either but I also don't mind bold lips.  They are all pretty frosty and def. work better for Summer than Winter looks...but then again that's kind of how the whole set works IMO.

Eye Rimz in Bewitching Bronze great neutral brown colour that you can use all over the lid lightly during the day or layer it for a more smokey bronzed look at night.  You can even use it wet for a more intense, metallic colour payoff.

The only thing that was kind of disappointing is the Double Ended Face & Cheek Brush.  It's just cheap and nothing I would probably use normally on  myself or on a client.  But it's coming in a set.  I never expect the brushes in sets to be that amazing so I'll let it go.  I mean I was buying the set for the makeup anyway, not the brush lol.  The lip brush is good and I like that it's retractable which is great for throwing in my cosmetic bag
on the go.

Another thing I loved about this set was that almost everything was Full Size Products..only the Primer wasn't.  A lot of times you get sets thinking it's going to be such a great deal but then it turns out the products inside are only mini versions of the real products...always disappointing.  This one really is a good deal!

If you get a chance I highly suggest you try out some of the Laura Geller Baked Cosmetics esp. the Balance-n-Brighten it is for sure my FAVOURITE out of all the items...a real WINNER!  Here's some pics of me wearing my Laura Gellar cosmetics - Lips, Blush, Powder & Bronzer!


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Liz said...

You have a way of making me want to buy everything you review! I think I need Balance & Brighten for myself now...