Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Minute Wedding Fun!

Funny thing happened a couple of weekends ago, I didn't have a wedding booked on the Sat. Then literally a wk and a half before that Sat. I booked not 1 but 2 wedding jobs lol!  Seriously, you never know what's going to happen in this biz! They were both small jobs but still who cares work is work :)

First one was Hair & Makeup for the Bride & her Maid of Honour and the Second one was literally just a Bridesmaid Makeup job...normally I wouldn't take something that small but it was in the city and worked out to be right after my first appt. so why not who am I to turn down money after all ;)

I actually got to do a sort of trial on the bride the week before and meet her Maid of Honour (Jill) and some of her friends.  Actually, it was her Stagette but whatever just good to meet her beforehand and get a feel for her style - the makeup was obviously completely different but the hair was what we did at the wedding.  Great group of girls though...so much fun and I know they had an EPIC Stagette lol!

The bride (Karri) had a VERY small and simple wedding which I guess is part of the reason she left Hair & Makeup till the end (lucky for her I was available ;) ).  I don't think she was originally going to hire someone but her MOH Jill insisted lol...good call on that one - even if it is a small and simple wedding Makeup & Hair are important!  In the end I did a really beautiful and soft makeup on Karri - glowing skin, pinks and browns on the eyes w/ a neutral lip and pink gloss.  She looked gorgeous!  For her MOH Jill I actually did something a little more intense but still day wedding appropriate b/c she wanted the makeup to be good from day to night b/c she was going out that night clubbing w/ some girls (the wedding/reception was an afternoon thing w/ a cocktail reception).
 Karri w/ her MOH Jill

For my next job I got to work w/ a wonderful bridesmaid Becky.  She was so much fun and really is one of those girls that loves to get her makeup done.  If you can believe it she has 7 weddings this Summer - INSANE!  Really hoping she starts passing my name around to those brides lol ;)  She got her hair done w/ the bride and the rest of the bridal party but the bride opted not to get her makeup professionally done.

The bride apparently had a bad trial at a salon where she ended up looking like a clown and it scared her away from the whole makeup artist thing which is really unfortunate b/c just b/c you have a bad trial doesn't mean you can't find someone who does get your style and what you're looking for in terms of makeup.  I think a lot of girls get scared after a bad trial and think that no matter what they are going to look "too made up" or like "clowns or drag queens" which isn't true at all you just have to find the right artist for your wedding.  That's why it's so important to check out the artist's website and see what their work is like and also talk to them and really explain what you're looking for - bring pictures that ALWAYS helps!  And just be honest - if the makeup is too heavy or dramatic tell them and have them adjust it.  If after you tell them they still can't get it right then yes move on and find someone new.

Anyway, back to Becky - Becky still wanted her makeup done even though the bride didn't and that's where I came in lol.  She contacted me and like I said it worked out perfectly so I went to her place and did a really soft grey smokey eye w/ lashes and a natural lip and glowing cheeks.  I think she looked great in the end, hopefully she didn't upstage the bride ;)

Brides - Don't leave booking Hair & Makeup to the last minute otherwise you might not get the artist you really want!  It was a fluke that I was booked and some brides book their artists up to a yr in advance!

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