Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Romantic Bridal Hair

As I mentioned the other day I've really started to develop a niche when it comes to wedding makeup - Natural and Glowing.  I've also noticed a trend for w/ the ppl that hire me for hair as well.  Many of them want very soft, romantic hair either down or up.  I think it does sort of go w/ the soft, natural makeup so it all makes sense and I think it is a very modern approach to bridal looks in general which again makes sense why the go w/ me...I am after all a very modern girl lol!

I def. would say if someone was looking for more of the old school, very stiff, perfect curled updo they probably wouldn't be looking at me or my work.  That is not to say I couldn't do that sort of thing but it is to say it's probably not my specialty...and in a way I think it for the most part is a bit dated anyway.  Nowadays, I find brides want to be a lot softer and looser w/ their hair.  They want the hair to still move and have life and not be crunchy or stiff.  No one (at least the ppl that hire me) wants to seem "too done".  I think this also goes w/ why they tend to like the more natural makeup as well.  They want to look done up and beautiful but in an effortless, soft, romantic way.

Another reason I love these sorts of soft, romantic styles for hair is they wear well throughout the night.  If a hair falls out of place it's not going to ruin the pictures and look obvious...b/c sometimes there are a few loose hairs in this sort of style and it just makes it look all the more organic and natural.  I also love this style b/c everyone will look slightly different b/c there are basic rules but then everyone's hair is different so you could do the same style on two different girls but it will look different on both of them depending on their hair texture, length etc.

I just got a couple of pictures on a wedding I did back in May where I ONLY did Hair for the wedding and you may recall I was actually really really happy w/ what I did that day!  The bride, Beatrice probably ended up having one of my favourite updos ever!  She had beautiful thick hair and it was just shoulder length which was the perfect length for this sort of style.  Often girls think they need to have super long hair for updos but that is actually not the case at all and often times makes the hair harder to work w/ b/c there is just so much hair to deal w/ and place.  Often shoulder length or just past the shoulders is perfect.

I want to thank Scott McQuarrie at Re:Action Photography for sharing w/ me these beautiful pictures of Beatrice...really gorgeous hair shots and a great addition to my portfolio!  Thanks again to Beatrice for being such and awesome and beautiful bride...her whole bridal party was really a pleasure that day - such great girls!


Lelo Therese said...

amazing! love the hair that you've done

Hair Romance said...

what a gorgeous updo! I agree, I prefer this softer look for brides that's popular at the moment. Not too fussy or helmet-like