Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rapid Lash Review For Eyebrows!

You've heard me lament before about the unfortunate situation w/ my eyebrows.  When I was young I had full, bushy, unibrow eyebrows and then in my teenage years I started getting them waxed and the waxers that I went to obviously weren't that good (how was I to know I was 16) and they started waxing my brows further and further apart till at one point they were ridiculous little sad faces above my eyes (these were the uni years).  It wasn't until I got to makeup school that I learned how to shape and grow them in properly (or at least attempt to grow them in...still had/have to fill in the holes).  Before makeup school it wasn't that I didn't know my eyebrows were jacked I just didn't really know how to fix them.  Now I actually get complimented on them (when they are filled in) on a semi regular basis.

Anyway, obviously full brows are back and have been back for a VERY long time now so I have LONGED for the time when maybe my unholy holy brows would fill in. Unfortunately, my prayers had gone unanswered...that is until I started using Rapid Lash on my Brows.

I've heard about Rapid Lash for awhile now and I knew it worked on people's eyelashes but I wasn't too certain about brows (even though the box says it works on brows).  Plus the $60 price tag was kind of keeping me away (although it is one of the cheaper lash enhancing products out there) but you may remember about a mth ago I redeemed a bunch of Shoppers Optimum Points for over $200 in free stuff...well I took this as the perfect time to try this product b/c well I was getting it for free so what did I have to lose!

I've been using the product for about a mth now and it's really a very easy product to apply.  You apply it every night to your brows and where you want them to grow in.  It's a very fine little brush like a eyeliner brush for liquid liner.  I've been applying it religiously every night and I'll be honest I'm REALLY starting to notice a DIFFERENCE!  There are all sorts of little hairs just starting to pop up where there were none before.  I'm very curious about the results in 2 mths...I do still have some holes near the beginning of my brows but overall I am noticing that they are starting to definitely look fuller!

I have a Before Shot of my Brows & some After Shots so you can see the difference but I'll be honest the Before Shot is a bit blurry b/c I wasn't taken a close up of my brows so when I cropped in it went a bit blurry unfortunately (it's from my Cover FX review...only time I've ever taken a pic w/out my brows filled in).  Sorry I didn't think to take a close up right when I started I didn't really realize that the Cover FX ones would be so blurry when I cropped them but I think you can still see a difference and you can definitely see all the little hairs that are starting to pop up on the After Shots, can't wait to see those little hairs fill in over the next mth!  I should also note I HAVE NOT been using it on my eyelashes...the After Pic my eyelashes are a million times longer b/c I'm wearing mascara (L'Oreal Voluminious - My Fav for a LONG time now) and my lashes are curled that's it...thank God for eyelash curlers and mascara!

Before Rapid Lash

After Rapid Lash 1 Mth (if you click on the images you'll see them a lot bigger and in a lot more detail and see all the tiny hairs starting to sprout up!)

I'll post some more pics in a mth...I'm really curious to see the improvement after 2 mths since it says it takes minimum a mth for you to notice anything!  If it keeps working this well and my brows get fuller I'll definitely be buying it again!

You can visit the website to read all about the ingredients and benefits as well as a bunch of FAQs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing... I am going to try their product now that you have had positive results. I have had thin eyebrows because of low thyroid issues. Hope it works for me.

Anonymous said...

To Jessica Jean Myers: What did your 2-month results with RapidLash end up like? Thanks.