Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Wedding Wonderful!

As I mentioned before there really is no "Wedding Season" anymore (at least in Toronto).  Yes, it's busier in the Summer mths (btw brides I'm already booking into Aug so book now ;) ) but I'm still getting at least a couple of weddings a mth even in Dec-Mar.  I think this in part has to do w/ the fact that weddings are so bloody expensive these days...esp. in a city like Toronto!

Anyway, last year one of the last weddings I had the pleasure of working on was w/ a wonderful bride named Marta.  It was an extremely small and extremely intimate affair - 20 ppl...literally just immediate family and it was held at the GORGEOUS Windsor Arms Hotel!  But just b/c it was small didn't mean Marta didn't want to do things right and still have an elegant and well done wedding!  I find that's becoming much more of a trend now btw...intimate but very well done weddings w/ lots of personal touches...less big showy impersonal weddings (at least w/ the brides that book me).

With Marta I was literally only doing her Hair & Makeup...I  mean the guest list was 20 it wasn't like she had a huge bridal party lol!  Like a lot of the brides I've been working w/ lately Marta had a bit of a non traditional style...a little bit vintage w/ a modern twist.  I kept the makeup soft and pink but did a big of a cat eye to capture the vintage vibe.  For her hair I did a beautiful french twist - one of my all time favs for that that classic clean bridal look!  She had a stunning fascinator for her hair (you all know how much a love a pretty fascinator).  Funny thing was at the trial I had to watch a video from the designer on how to put on the veil for the fascinator b/c it was different than any I had every put on before lol!

Here are a few pics from the wedding courtesy of 5ive15ifteen Photography...seriously check out their work...some of the nicest in the city!


Joanna said...

Looks beautiful! Honestly, gorgeous!

Darcie Watson said...

Beautiful! I wish I could re-do my wedding, so much I would change. except for who I married :) hehe