Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Beautiful Winter Bride

Lately, a lot of my brides have been really wonderful about sharing pics from their wedding days w/ me which I really LOVE!  Great to see my work in action throughout the day/night!  And I have to say some of these Winter Wedding Brides have been some of my FAVS of the season!  So great for my website!

Back in early Dec. I had the pleasure of working w/ Lori and her wonderful wedding party including her Maid of Honour sister.  Really great group and the pics ended up looking fantastic which made me all the  more happy b/c there were some challenges that day!

One of the biggest issues was we were getting ready at the Fairmont Royal York...beautiful hotel but anyone in Toronto knows this place is under construction.  That meant that literally ALL the windows in the hotel suite were blocked off!!!  No natural light AT ALL!  Plus it was like 7 am so we couldn't get any daylight in the rooms whatsoever even if the windows weren't blocked off b/c it was still dark out...not to mention that hotel rooms are notorious for having very very dim lighting...let's be real they weren't designed for makeup application after all ;)

The next biggest challenge was Lori's sister was actually very very ill that morning.  I have no idea what happened or what she came down w/ but she was sick!  I felt so bad for her...she was going between sweats and chills and there were multiple times where I had to stop what I was doing so she could actually go get sick...umm not the most ideal situation when doing Makeup & Hair lol.  But she actually looks great in the pics and the hair really lasted even through the trips to the bathroom!  Score one for me!  She did have amazing hair though...that kind where it curls and just stays...very full and thick...just awesome!

So after all that I was so happy to see the pics and see how beautifully they turned out.  The photographer did a great job at capturing the day and some really beautiful moments!  I want to say a special thanks to Candace French-Goodman for assisting me that day and helping out w/ the other two bridesmaid's hair.

So here's some of the pics - ENJOY!

Final Touch Ups...I think these are actually some Great "Behind the Scenes" Pics...for me at least ;)  Btw Lori is also wearing additional Clip-in Extensions in her hair that I applied and styled.

Sister and Maid of Honour - Last Min Hair Touch Ups

Such a simple but beautiful dress...Love It!

All the Girls!

Love these next few b/c they are at the reception that night...Hair & Makeup still look AMAZING!  Curls held up GREAT!

You'd never know she was sick she looks Amazing!  So Happy!

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