Friday, February 10, 2012

VEET Pink Carpet Event - Get Glam!

Sometimes I really do have one of the most Fun jobs EVER!  Last night I got to work this great event at the new Trump Towers in Toronto held by VEET to launch their new and amazing product - Easy Wax - Electrical Roll-On Kit.  It promises the same great results as the salon but you can do it at to come later b/c guess what in the AWESOME gift bag they let me take I got a Full Easy Wax Kit and a Refill Cartridge!

Originally, I was just going to go to this event as a guest but then b/c of my past collaborations w/ Veet on this blog I was approached to work the Beauty Bar where I helped Glam ladies up for the event!  It was so much fun and I got to meet so many fun and talented ladies that night like fellow blogger Elaine Atkins of Toronto Beauty Reviews which I have been following for a long time now!  In fact I went up to her right in the beginning of the night and was like "I know you" lol...I don't put as many pics of myself up on this blog apparently so I required an introduction lol!

Elaine and I (Elaine hope you don't mind I borrowed this from Twitter lol)

Also I did Casie Stewart's makeup (huge Toronto Social Media Guru) before she headed over to Hideout for Love A Heart Auction where she was one of the beautiful ladies up on the auction block that night!  I actually had a couple of friends and fellow bloggers who were being auctioned off that night too - Christine Estima and Regina Sy.  Hope all the ladies were sold for tons of's all for a good cause after all ;)  I esp. hope my awesome makeup skills raised Casie's auction price by at least a couple of dollars lol.

So not only did I get to meet a ton of great women last night but I have to say Veet and Maverick Pr (the ppl behind the event) did an AMAZING JOB!  This thing was glitz and glam to the max!  Had a very old hollywood mixed w/ tons of pink feel!  As soon as the ladies walked in they had their pics taken by photographers and I think they even got to take little books of the pics home w/ them (not sure on this one as I was working lol).

Once they walked into the  main room it was done right let me tell you!  All pink and glitzy!  There was a full bar making tons of yummy yummy drink concoctions...I did have a few at the end of the night I'll admit it ;).  Plus they had the Beauty Bar area where the ladies could sit down, relax and get their hair and makeup touched up.  Also they had the most amazing little dessert bar set up w/ all sorts of yummy things...all done in pink of course ;)...I also sampled some of these things and they were so good too!  Throughout the night there were waiters walking around w/ all sorts of yummy apps and hor d'oeuvres!

Yummy Desserts!

Before the Event Started

Plus they had a Marilyn impersonator that did a great show...sorry I couldn't get any pics I was busy working then and they even had Canadian Musician and Juno winner Lights perform...pretty big deal indeed!

So as you can see this was definitely not an event to be missed! Sorry I don't have more pics but I was busy working and all lol! So glad I got to be a part of it - really was so much fun!  Review to come soon on the New Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit!

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