Thursday, February 16, 2012

Full Spectrum

Last week was Pattern Play Week at Lilogi featuring gorgeous clothes from Thakoon's Sping/Summer 2012 Resort Wear Collection and boy was it FUN to work on!  Even though my wardrobe mostly consists of black, navy, grey and some dark purple I'll be honest I LOVE colour...esp. in the Summer when even I've been known to wear a bright orange or pink dress every now and again lol.

I also loved the energy the clothes brought to the set...really just livened and lightened everything up.  Sometimes fashion really can take itself too seriously after all.  I also got to really play around w/ the Makeup and Hair on this one!

I got to create an AWESOME white girl fro!  I've done it before but I think this is the best it's ever looked...I think in part it had to do w/ the fact that Lauren (the model) didn't have SUPER long hair like a lot of models so it really did create a dome sort of fro when I pulled it back in a headband.  I have to give a big shout out to my "assistant" although I'd never actually think of her that way Ashley Readings who helped me "set" Lauren's hair in a million hairpins to create the fro.  Basically you have to weave the hair in a figure eight around large hair pins and then seal the shape by holding the sectioned pieces in a straightener for about 15-20 secs each, let cool and then when you take it out and brush it FRO CENTRAL!

For the Makeup again I wanted to keep it really bright and playful like the clothes.  I did a really simple sweep of intense teal shadow across the lid and a bit of a shimmery teal on the highlight very lightly.  Did both upper and lower lashes (wanted it to almost have a doll feel).  A pop of fuchsia on the lips and a nice pink on the cheeks and we were done!

Lauren did such a great job too of bringing the energy and playfulness that the clothes needed!  The only thing I felt slightly bad about was after the shoot I found out she actually had to go to work (Roots) immediately after...fro and all.  She tried to slick it down and pull it back a bit...:S

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Hair Assistant Ashley Readings
Model Lauren (Elmer Olsen)

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