Sunday, February 26, 2012

Canada's Best Beauty Talent - My Entry

So some of you may or may not be familiar w/ the reality TV casting call that went out across Canada looking for the Best Beauty Talent - Makeup Artists and Hairstylists.  Basically, to enter you have to submit a little bio, some pics of your work and a video audition tape.  From this they will choose 6 Makeup Artists and 6 Hairstylists to compete to be named Canada's Best Beauty Talent!

I hemmed and hawed over whether to enter for a couple of wks...just wasn't really sure if it was my thing or I was up for it...or maybe I was a little too scared to be up for it.  Finally, I decided to take the plunge and enter...I figured what do I have to lose!...and in truth the chances of me actually getting picked are probably very slim...I mean who knows what these ppl ever look for in the castings.  I'm not really crazy or eccentric after all...but I do think I'm talented and real...and I do have an opinion and I'm not afraid to share it lol.

So w/ the help of my very good friend and fellow MUA Ashley Readings (who also made an entry video), I made a little video one day...thank you a million times to her b/c my skills are seriously limited and it would have ended up this poorly lit little video where I probably would have looked like shit lol!  This is also why I've probably never ventured into YouTube instructional videos before lol.

So the deadline for applications is tonight and they'll be deciding the finalists in the beg. of March.  Here's my video in all its glory...hope I'm not making too much of a full of myself lol.  For some of you this might be the first time you've heard my voice...I don't know might be kind of weird lol.


Again thank you so much Ashley...couldn't have done it w/out you!


Liz said...

Go JJM! I'd have totally voted for you based on your work, but this video is a fantastic representation of your career and professionalism (and I know from my handful of TV appearances that it's not easy to fit that much detail into such a short amount of time - you're really great on camera!) I'm not in Canada but I can't wait to hear who they pick!

Darcie Watson said...

Great job!! It was a great video, now I can put a voice with the face :) I hope you get picked!