Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Wedding of Last Year!

I officially had my last wedding of last year on Dec 23rd and it was a completely last minute booking too!  We're talking so last minute I had to change my train times to go back to Windsor for xmas just a couple of days before the trip!  But in the end I'm so glad it all worked out and I got the chance to work w/ Kerry b/c she was such a wonderful and beautiful bride!

Originally, Kerry was going to have a family member that is also a professional makeup artist do her makeup (I don't know about hair) but unfortunately this person had to cancel right before the wedding which of course left poor Kerry in quite the bind.  Thankfully (for the both of us ;) ) she found me and I was able to do a trial w/ her mere days before the wedding!

Right away it we hit it off well and I knew it was going to be a great bride/makeup artist match!  Kerry wanted something very soft and natural w/ a bit of a winged liner.  Originally, she wanted to do a red lip which did look stunning on her but in the end opted for the more neutral soft pink as she didn't want to leave red all over the soon to be husband...I can understand that lol.

For the hair she wanted an updo...nothing too fancy or severe.  The most important thing was to get some volume through the top...which I'll admit came w/ it's own struggles b/c she did have some shorter layers to contend w/ but in the end I think it all worked out!

One of my FAV things about Kerry's wedding was her dress!  I've seen a lot of dresses this past year and I think this has to be in my top 5 for the year!  I just love it!  This vintage type brides just hunt me out I guess lol...I don't mind...I mean if you didn't notice before I kind of love the style myself!

All the photographs are courtesy of Jessica Blaine Smith (yes another Jessica AND she has 3 names like some other VERY TALENTED & AWESOME ppl you know ;) )

Last Min Touch Ups...and I actually have a nice manicure in this one lol!

What a CUTE couple!

Love, Love, Love This Dress!...and the shoes ;)