Friday, February 13, 2009


So remember last mth when I did that ad for Proctor & Gamble. Really, really easy half day makeup makeup that paid really well. Well anyway, I contacted the production company people about seeing the finished product of the ad so that I can use it for my commercial portfolio. Holy shit, this has to be the cheapest, ugliest ad I've seen in awhile lol! It's going to be used for posters or some shit like that I don't even know. It just makes me laugh really hard b/c they paid really well (for China) so knowing the pay and the fact that it's for a big company like Proctor & Gamble you wouldn't think it would be something so hideous and cheap looking lol! Well whatever I got mine, cash that day thank you very much. Around $900 for 4 hrs work lol.

Anyway, the premise is suppose to be something like look your best b/c you never know what is around every corner or some shit like that. I don't really know I can't read the ad (if I have any Chinese readers and you want to tell me what the ad says go for it!). Here's the ad btw!

Doing a male magazine cover on Monday w/ Todd so at least it's a shoot. It's just guy makeup which is boring. I was hoping to maybe do some guyliner or something but no just base. Apparently the mag is going to do something cool to pic in post though so maybe it will be a good guy pic for my book and it is another cover so that's good. I don't even know the mag yet's some new mag but I'll keep you updated!

Btw you guys will be happy to know I'm keeping w/ my New Year's Resolution and FINALLY starting my language exchange w/ a Chinese girl. Had to wait until after Chinese New Year of course! Basically, we'll meet once a wk and I'll help her w/ English and she'll help me w/ Chinese. Obviously her English is WAY better than my Chinese (this is not hard to do lol). Basically, I just want to learn some basics nothing fancy so I figure this will work. I really such at learning new languages btw. Especially the hearing part...I'm definitely a visual learner.


ashley said...

i opened this at work and just laughed and laughed.

Even though it RIDICULOUS, i can still tell the makeup is wicked awesome! Great job!

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Haha thanks. I just think it's funny b/c the budget was decent for this thing and THIS is what the final product looks like?!?! It looks like they just stole images and cut and paste them on some weird background and threw some text in.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Btw if you want to see the ad in it's full ugly glory click on it and it will be full size.

Anonymous said...

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