Monday, February 16, 2009

Champagne is my Life

So I did the cover for Drink Magazine today. This is for their second issue. When Todd first told me about the shoot all he said was doing guy makeup for a cover. I got momentarily excited...ooohh maybe hot male model :)... I rarely get to work w/ those!

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The cover "model" was actually the owner of Muse Nightclub...a very funny Asian guy probably in his late 30s or early never know how old Asians are lol. But one thing was for sure he definitely was not the male model I was hoping for lol! Whatever it ended up being a fun enough shoot and he had really good energy and was very playful w/ the camera which totally worked for the concept so I actually think it will be a kind of funny cover. The whole concept was him shooting Pierre Jouet Champagne up into the air and biting on the cork like he pulled the cork out w/ his mouth and the champagne was exploding. A little messy and it took some practice w/ cheap champagne but I think we actually got some pretty funny, cool shots! Btw what's w/ me ALWAYS working around champagne?!? We have the Nils' shoot, the Moet events and now this Drink Magazine weird!

Also I got a couple of couples of DestinAsian Magazine from Todd today. It's actually not that bad in person. I can live w/ it so that's kind of nice.


tuniez83 said...

sounds like lots of fun, Any cheap champaign left? LOL

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Actually there was a bottle of Pierre Jouet Brut left over but the mag gave it to Todd :( . We were using Pierre Jouet Rose for the all that yummy champagne gone to waste :..( lol!