Sunday, February 1, 2009


So basically I spent my Sunday watching A LOT of videos on YouTube. It's okay though b/c they're all related to makeup, beauty and hair so actually I'm doing "research" or "working" if you will. My favs are Smashbox, Johnny Lavoy (Ford Artists - Hair), Sephora Beauty Editors and Eve Pearl. Although, does anyone else out there feel Eve's technique feels a bit dated and heavy handed when it comes to the foundation. Every video I saw of her's I do admit they looked good but also a little tranny or mask like. Felt a little 90's to me but again maybe that's just me. If anyone has any other suggestions of YouTube videos they love I'm totally I've mentioned before it's Chinese New Year and I'm really really bored w/ NO WORK!!

And on to Chinese New Year...can it just end already!?!? I mean do you really need 15 days of celebration?!?! It's getting back to normal now and stores that were closed have started to open again but still no work in the Fashion World right now...Boo :( Also, the firecrackers were neat at first I suppose but do I really need to be woken up at 8 am while they go off for like an hr. I mean it's Sunday geez! And before you say oh that sounds's not and it gets old quick trust me. These are firecrackers for the most part btw...not real pretty spectacles in the sky just loud annoying bangs and cracks. I definitely think everyone has done their part to scare off last years Ghosts or whatever it is they are doing it for.

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Mandy Kuran said...

It's a little late, but I just found your blog (which I love). The channels focused on makeup/beauty related things I watch are Makeup by TIffany D, Makeup Geek, and Michelle Phan (she has some really cool facial masks). You should check them out!

I watched Johnny Lavoy and he is amazing, thanks for the introducing me to him!