Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poverty Does A Body Good: Update!

So it's that time! I'm finally updating my weight loss journey. As many of you know Jan. was a bitAlign Right of a write off for me. I didn't lose any weight but on a positive note I didn't gain any either. Well anyway, since Feb. I've been back on track hardcore - Eating right, Working out...you know the usual. And I'm happy to announce I've officially reached another weight loss milestone - I'm officially down 20 pds!! This makes me really really happy. I'm the lowest weight I've been since I don't know when...seriously I couldn't tell you. Plus I'm really enjoying the gym lately...really getting that work out high it's great!

I want to lose probably another 10-12 pds before I head back to Canada but we'll see. Overall I don't know if there is THAT much of a difference between this time and last as it is only around a 5 pds difference but I can see it in my waist...plus there is even the hit of HIP BONES!! Btw I HAD to buy another pair of jeans recently b/c well the ones in the pics almost completely fall off and another pair got a hole so anyway guess what I bought - Skinny Leg Jeans!! Yes that's right Fuckin' Skinny Leg Jeans!! And the best part is I think I actually look decent in them. I don't want to vomit and the sight of my jeans tucked into my boots - that's huge for me and as many of you know a big goal! Six pack and bikini here I come! So below are some new pics of my results.

Btw I found a straight on pic that illustrates close to my old weight (straight on body pics - very rare in the past). This pic was actually taken probably around yr before I left for Shanghai so it's not totally recent and I was actually a bit heavier in this pic than when I left for Shanghai but it is a face forward pic so it's a good reference point.

Unfortunately I think my skinnier face emphasizes my bulbous nose tip more now...oh well can't have it all

Btw excuse the lack of makeup

Because ppl complained that I didn't smile last time
HIP BONES!! Well just a touch of them!
Next goal: Tighten lower abs, more ab definition and reduction on hips and thighs!
I actually still wear these jeans sometimes although I think I'm going to have to stop b/c I think they might fall off while walking soon lol. I can take them on and off w/out even undoing them!


DSKNguyen said...

LOL, I can't imagine using tape on my body. But yeah I completely know what you're talking about. Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

Amy V. said...

my god girl, you look completly different!! the before and after look like 2 completly different girls. Please share your workout plan and daily diet, cause i'm trying to lose weight also!

ashley said...


i never would've described you as big when i met you but you have lost tons of weight.

You always looked incredible but now you radiate confidence! Fantastic.