Friday, February 6, 2009

Hittin' The Gym

So just got back from the gym and it feels great! I haven't been in about 3 mths to be honest - last mth before I left Toronto was crazy busy and then the first 2 mths in Shanghai no money for a membership (for some reason gym memberships in Shanghai can be crazy expensive - like almost $100 Can/mth). I joined the gym in my building which is incredibly basic but that's okay I don't mind keeping simple and 3 mths at this gym is a little less then 1 mth at the gym I joined in the Summer when I was in Shanghai. Plus I'm super lazy so I NEED convenience otherwise I'll talk myself out of going. I don't even know why I talk myself out of it...everytime I leave I feel so much better and more energized it's just the getting there part that can be hard sometimes.

Wow my cardio was hurting today though. Part of that is the 3 mth absence but another big part of it is the pollution in Shanghai on a whole. I really don't notice it on a day to day basis but boy do I feel it when I start doing that cardio lol. I'll be back in no time though!

I told you guys how I lost approx. 17 pds the first 1.5 mths I was here. Well as you know by my detox msg before I kind of stalled in Jan. That's okay I didn't gain any back either and that's what's really important but now I want to get down to business and lose another 10-13 pds. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen w/ just diet...think I actually have to work out a bit too lol. But that's okay I'm trying to be healthy and all. I'm pissed though b/c I seem to have misplaced my lululemon sports bra...I really hope I didn't accidently throw it out when I got rid of half of my life a few mths back. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress!


Amy V. said...

good for you i just got back from the gym also. Yes, the hardest part is always getting off your butt and going (especially with 2 kiddies that you have to get ready)

another 10-13 pounds??? my gosh you're gonna vanish before our eyes.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Haha not really...I carry it all in my hips and thighs unfortunately :( Look at it this way if I drop another 10-13 I'll be model weight...but 5 inches too short no worries on the vanishing.

Opé - Style Artist said...

Wow... I need to do the same.
Thank you for the jolt!
Thanks for stopping by too.