Thursday, February 5, 2009

DestinAsian Cover

Well the new issue of DestinAsian Magazine is out. That's the magazine I did a cover for a few wks ago w/ Todd. I have to be honest...I pretty much hate it. I hate their pic selection and I'm just disappointed w/ it in a lot of ways. Todd did this shoot very last minute and did the retouch very last minute too and I know it's not his job but even he admitted he should have done some more retouch on the flyaways so I find that kind of sucky. I know it's my own fault too b/c I should have been more on top of them but yeah it was a rushed shoot and you do what you can and flyaways still sometimes happen so I just hate that he didn't do his usual great post work b/c he was rushed and leaving for another shoot the next day. Live and learn I suppose.

They ended up going w/ a pic in the bar Cloud 9. It's so typical Chinese they say they don't want anything too modern or featuring too much of the metal architecture and whatnot and what do they do...choose a pic featuring the modern metal architecture. I definitely think the ones in the presidential suite were better. Todd even said he almost didn't even send them this pic as a choice b/c it was one of the last shots in the bar and he didn't think it was working so he didn't even really play w/ this last spot in the bar. I wish he hadn't sent them this pic. Here's the cover below btw. Edit: Apparently I can't show you the cover b/c everytime I upload it there is a blue tinge to everything - mag title, skin etc...don't know what that's about as the pic is fine when I pull it up just on my screen. If you really want to see it you can see a tiny version of it at See I figure it knows I hate it therefore it doesn't want to show itself lol.

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what the pros do... said...

awww thats so disapointing for you I hate it when work I dont think is very strong gets out there for everyone to see. :(